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PriceRaja: One Stop Solution for Online Shoppers

We can safely assume that the current crop of Online shoppers have it easy with a number of online shopping websites selling anything and everything with convenient door step delivery. Having an abundance of e-commerce websites prove to be a boon since the resulting competition benefits the end user – buyers.

Price Comparison Online Shopping Website – PriceRaja



However, how would someone know whether the product which they want is already available or is slated to be launched soon and where can they buy it from in the best and lowest price. This is where comes in handy with an elaborate database of all products across the Internet. Here is a list of all PriceRaja’s highlights, which make online shopping a delight.

Displays The Best Price First

For online users who have already decided what they want to purchase and also have the budget for it, PriceRaja should be the last stop before making the final purchase. The website has a comprehensive list of almost every product that is being sold by the every brand in Indian market from mobiles, electronics, fashion, women’s wear, men’s wear, beauty, shoes, handbags, travel, food, movies, home & kitchen, furniture, baby to recharge. This means that anything that an individual might desire, they will find it on the site.

Specifications score and Value for money indicator

Specifications score and Value

Specifications score and Value

The whole crux of online shopping is to save time and convenience of getting the product delivered right to your door step. However, the whole point becomes moot when you have to spend endless hours to make the final buying decision. Such comparison sites help save time on browsing through catalogs of major e-commerce websites.

We already know that PriceRaja helps you get the best price of the device at a glance. However, how do you determine if the product you have selected is good enough for you to go ahead and purchase it. Here the domain again comes to the rescue with features like Specifications score and Value for money indicator.

Quick Product Comparison Tool

Quick Product Comparison Tool

Product Comparison Tool

The comparison site also takes the convenience of online shopping a step further with its own smart product comparison tool. It allows users to add up to 4 separate devices at the same time and compare them spec-by-spec, side by side. The very first row in the price comparison tool shows which product outshines other in which specification. This is definitely a handy feature that will save a lot of time and efforts on part of the user.

Price Drop Alert Option: Helps save more and quicker

Price Drop Alert Option

Price Drop Alert Option

After having used all the features on PriceRaja, most users change their original choice and go for a better product available. However, this might mean adjusting the budget slightly since no two product cost exactly identical and since you had to change your original choice, chances are high that the original budget has to be changed as well.

If the product that you have finally selected costs less than your original choice, you are good to go. However, if it is out of your budget PriceRaja lets you set a price drop alert so that the user is notified instantly every time the price of desired product drops.

Deals and Coupons Section: Comprehensive & Simple

Deals and Coupons Section

Deals and Coupons Section

If you thought that the site is limited only to providing best prices, you could not have been anymore wrong. This website is designed specifically to provide the best deal to its users and not just the best price for a given product.

As such, PriceRaja has a large database and a separate section of all deals and offers being provided by various e-commerce sites for products as well as services like dining, recharge and travel.

Tricks for Cheap Online Shopping

PriceRaja is not just limited to these features and happens to be on top of every trend that emerges. The website also realises that a large chunk of online shoppers rely on their smartphones for everything and as such has developed its very own Android application. Its Android app completely replicates the website with all major features packaged in a small app. It is therefore evident that PriceRaja is one stop solution for anyone who is planning to shop online for anything. 🙂

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