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Top 5 High Paying CPM Ad Networks for Your Blog

It is a dream of every blogger to rank his/her blog on top search engines at top positions. The life of blogger is full of ups and down. Each day they learn something and innovate by trying different things. Once the blog is ranked on higher rankings on search engines and start getting good traffic, a blogger can look to monetize the blog. A number of good CPM ad networks are available providing high CPM rates, but most of the bloggers sticks to just one or two CPM networks. It is good to have ads on your website/blog, but ensure that these ads must not cause discomfort to your visitors.

Best High Paying CPM Ad Networks for Your Blog

Top High Paying CPM Ad Networks

High Paying CPM Ad Networks

Let us look through the best high CPM ad networks that can play a crucial role in fetching good income by monetizing your blog perfectly.


Kajamba is one of the fastest growing high CPM ad network that pays you a good amount for every 1000 impressions generated by your website. This amount is affected by the location of visitors, ad format and type of ads. Kajamba pays you high then most of the popular CPM ad networks existing on web. Here are must know features of Kajamba ad that will attract you to try these ads for at least once:

  • The history based ads very similar to Google Adsense increases the conversion rate significantly.
  • Kajamba had NET30 payment policy which means that you receive payments after every 30 days.
  • You can receive your payments through Payoneer, PayPal and wire transfer.
  • A minimum of $5 can be received in your Payoneer or PayPal account. For wire transfer, this limit is $300.
  • Kajamba offers a referral program to the user for which you get some commission for every signup through your affiliate link.
  • You can sign up at Kajamba in less than a minute.
  • You can display ads on your blog in different formats like banner ads, footer ads, slider ad, lightbox ad and different other formats.


Another popular ad CPM network is BuySellAds and can be the best choice for people who have just started their blogs. You can start making money even if you have few hundred viewers on your website. This ensures that the traffic arriving at your blog is not at all wasted. You can also generate good amount for low traffic. Some of the best things about BuySellAds are:

  • You can start with BuySellAds without any large requirement of traffic. Few hundred visitors will work.
  • BuySellAds share nearly 75percent of revenue given by the advertisers for each impression.
  • The payments are processed twice in each month. You need to request for the release of payment.
  • You can accept the payment through wire transfer, cheque or even through PayPal.
  • A minimum of $20 can be requested for transfer if you are receiving the money on PayPal. For cheque payments you need to have $50 in your account and for wire transfer you account balance should be $500 minimum.
  • The ads are Google Adsense safe and thus can be utilized with it.
  • Different ad sizes and formats are available to maximize the revenue. is the venture by AOL that offers CPM & revenue share ads. If your blog traffic is good and CTR is high then Revenue share ads will help you to make impressive amount. The CPM ads are equally better for large traffic. Some notable features of ads network are:

  • Its platform has 92 advertisers from the names of top 100 Ad age advertisers.
  • If your website has traffic of minimum 500000 per month then only you can apply for its ads.
  • The payments can be received through PayPal and cheque and even through wire transfer.
  • $25 is the minimum threshold for the payments.
Best CPM Ad Networks

CPM Ad Networks


AdCash is another popular high CPM ad networks which pays off well to its publishers. The organization was started in 2007 and now serves billions of advertisements each month. It has a huge network of more than 150k happy publishers with 3500+ active running campaigns. In year 2013, Adcash was awarded with the title of “Biggest and Hottest Startup of Estonia”. Some acceptable features of Adcash are:

  • It has a big network in 196 countries around the globe.
  • The customer support staff is big with 100+ employees in the team.
  • The admin panel dashboard can be accessed in 8 different languages.
  • Adcash offers the best high quality advertisements from some of the topmost brands giving high eCPM rates.
  • It supports mobile advertising and clever contextual targeting platform.
  • Different ad sizes and formats are available.
  • The ads are totally Google Adsense safe.
  • Anyone can apply without having too much traffic on his/her blog.
  • You get account manager to improve the money generated through these ads.
  • The minimum payment that can be received is 100 Euros.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the largest pop-unders ad companies that provides high CPM ads which may go as high as $10. It increases the revenue generated from your website up to 300 percent. Games, Finance, Entertainment and movies niches websites can be monetized perfectly through Propeller Ads. Some of the best features of propeller ads are:

  • Propeller Ads are also taken as one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.
  • It provides ads in different formats and sizes.
  • The conversion rates can be significantly improved.
  • Payments can be received through PayPal.
  • It follows NET30 payment scheme because of which the payments can be transferred just after 30 days of the month.

Final Say

Kajamba is one of the most profitable high CPM ad networks that you might be looking for over the times. It provides you with best CPM rates are affordable prices. As we have seen above that most the tools are good in many of their features, but lacks few features.

We found that Kajamba is one of the best CPM ad networks that don’t require a large number of visitors for your ads to get approved. Its instant approve policy lets the visitors of your site to see the ads instantly as soon as you paste the ad codes on your blog.

Kajamba has better ad slots as compared to other with better ad formatting options. Also, the flexible payment options make it easier for publishers to receive their payments. So, do not miss a chance to try this superb ad network and also earn through its referral program apart from blog monetization. 😀

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  • Let us look through the best high CPM ad networks that can play a crucial role in fetching good income by monetizing your blog perfectly.

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