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Why Screen Sharing Is the Easiest Way to Work With Freelancers

Over the last few years, the amount of workers who freelance has increased on a consistent basis. In fact, if the current increase in freelancing remains at its current pace, by 2027, almost 60% of the U.S. population will be freelancing.

Screen Sharing

Remote work, especially freelancing, has maintained its momentum because of the flexibility and convenience that it offers. Being able to work from anywhere at any time definitely has its perks.

If you own a business that’s looking to bring on freelance employees, there’s a lot to learn and do. One of the most important factors of a successful team of freelancers is to provide the right tools, especially software.

Keep reading to learn about screen sharing software and why it’s one of the easiest ways to work with freelancers.

1] Easy Communication

Regular communication is the key to any successful team. More often than not, companies hire freelancers from all over the globe. This makes face-to-face interaction rare, if not impossible for some companies. While you can’t control the distance between you and your freelancers, you can control how and how often you communicate.

One of the biggest benefits of screen sharing software is the ability to communicate. Screen sharing allows you to share your computer screen with all of your freelancers through the Internet. By using screen sharing software with good audio quality you can host:

This software is also a great way to offer remote support for new freelancers. With quality screen sharing software you can provide real time collaboration and communication.

How to Share Screen On Skype

2] Improved Collaboration

These days there are all sorts of tools available for collaborating, especially for documents. While these options are convenient, they still have their drawbacks.

For example, if you’re using cloud storage for documents, you have a single location where all files are hosted. Depending on the software you use, freelancers may be able to collaborate on a document through a co-authoring feature.

Improved Collaboration

But, this type of process requires that each freelancer be at their computer with the file open. To make collaborating effortless for everyone, screen sharing is the ideal option.

By using screen sharing, one person on the team can open the document and display it for all participants to view. Each participant can then chime in with their own edits or questions, making for a much more collaborative environment.

3] Increased Engagement

Let’s face it, we’re visual creatures. We tend to be much more interested and engaged when we have visual access to the data that’s being discussed. It’s much harder to take in information when receiving it via audio or text alone. The combination of visual cues and audio increases the chance of understanding and retaining the data that’s being used.

By using screen sharing software, you can make even the most boring topics interesting for your team of freelancers. This type of program ensures that your team is viewing the same information at the same time, minimizing confusion or the risk of missing important team data.

With increased engagement you can ensure that company freelancers understand pertinent business systems that have an impact on the success of a business.

4] Business Savings

There’s a wide range of software that companies use in order to ensure that their remote teams are a success. Most businesses use project management software, task tracking, cloud file storage, communication services, and more.

Business Savings

But, what if you could enjoy these features and functionalities in one program? By using a quality screen sharing program, you’ll have access to a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Desktop sharing
  • File sharing and storage
  • Whiteboard capabilities
  • Access control
  • Audio/video capabilities

With a screen sharing program you can limit the amount of software that your company needs to buy. This means money saved that can then be used for other business expenses.

5] Improved Helping Capabilities

For freelancers, there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a technical error that you just can’t seem to figure out. What’s even more frustrating is when you try to explain the issue to someone who has no idea what you’re seeing on your screen. By using screen sharing technology, troubleshooting is easier than ever.

Any technical difficulties or program errors can be easily dealt with through screen sharing. With screen sharing a member from the IT team can see the user’s screen and even remotely control their computer, making troubleshooting efficient and fast.


There are all sorts of tools and processes that companies can use to make collaborating, communicating, and working with their freelancers more efficient and effective.

One tool that you’ll most definitely want to use is a quality screen sharing program. Keep these benefits in mind when determining what must-have tools you want company freelancers to have access to.

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