The Truth About Online Gambling Myths

When done responsibly, online gambling is a fun way to pass time and make some cash, maybe hit life changing jackpots. However, because online gambling poses the risk of the player developing problem gambling, the industry faces a fair share of criticism from the society.

Online Casino Myths


Some of the points raised against online gambling are valid. For example, if done irresponsibly, online gambling can be addictive. Also, when playing casino games online, you won’t be competing against real players, but computer based random number generators. And yes, you should only bet in a fully licensed online casino.

Unfortunately, majority of the criticism raised against online gambling are misconceptions or long-standing myths. Such misconceptions spread largely because most people do not understand how online gambling works, and they have negatively affected people altitude towards internet gambling.

Some punters would rather drive for a mile to a casino rather than play the best rated slots sites via their smartphones or PCs. In this article, we will discuss the most common online casino myths and reveal the truth.

1] Online Gambling Is Illegal

This is a widespread myth about online gambling, and it has resulted in many punters avoiding registering with online gambling sites in fear of facing jail time. Online gambling is 100% legal in most countries all around the world. It’s legal in UK where it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Alderley, Malta, some US states such as New Jersey, Nevada and more.

However, some countries such as the United States are yet to legalize online gambling fully. There states in US and countries where web gambling is illegal.

To ensure you are not on the wrong side of the law, read about online gambling restrictions in your respective country. Genuine online gambling sites provide information about the restriction to their consumers before registering.

2] Online Casinos Encourage Underage Gambling

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos cannot use physical inspection to keep out underage gamblers. This has triggered fear that online casinos could encourage underage gambling. That not true.

When registering with online casinos, a punter is required to provide an age verification document. This may either be an ID, Driving License or a passport.

The punter also needs to provide a valid deposit and withdrawal method all of which are unobtainable by kids. The assertion that “online casinos encourage underage gambling “is a myth.

3] Online Slots Can Cheat

Trusting the results of an online casino game is hard. It becomes even harder when the outcome does not favor you! This has made most people to believe that online casino games are rigged. However, in genuine casinos, slot numbers are randomly generated by a computer and they are random and fair.

Also, casinos are further regulated by the government to ensure they do not take advantage of players, otherwise, they would not be licensed. As part of the regulation, the games must be audited and approved to be fair and random by 3rd parties such as eCogra.

However, crooks are found everywhere!  Few online casinos have damaged the credibility of online gambling by defrauding their clients. Online slots also stand a risk of getting hacked. This has made this myth get deeply rooted in the minds of many gambling fans.

Online Slots Can Cheat


We recommend only set up casino account with licensed and established online casinos such as Casumo, Paddy Power, NetBet, and more.

4] Games payout at Certain Times

Many people believe that online casino games are programmed to pay out at certain times.  Many gambling tips support this myth. These sites advise gamblers that some times of day yield better payouts compared to other times. This has resulted in many gamblers participating in online gaming only at the advised time of the day.

Contrary to these beliefs, programming a casino game to do such a thing is not easy. In most online casinos, the payout is random; it entirely depends on how lucky you are! Do not wait for a perfect time to gamble for such a time does not exist. Your probably of wining is constant all day long.

5] Online casinos will not allow you to withdraw your winnings

This stands out as the main reason why most gambling fans choose land casinos over online casinos. Trusting that an online site will allow you to withdraw hundreds or thousands of dollars is not easy. However, online gambling is governed by set rules just like any other business.

If any casino doesn’t abide, its license is canceled. Also, business thrives when a casino has good reviews and reputation. This makes most online casinos ensure that its clients are satisfied-fully. Before you register, ensure that the online casino of your choice has the following:

  1. Physical address.
  2. About us page.
  1. Is licensed.
  2. Has a 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat.
  3. Is not blacklisted.

6] Online gambling is for money laundering only

Many online gambling companies are owned by tycoons.These owners spend millions of dollars every year on parties and vacations. This has made the society question the means by which they make their wealth. To answer this question, many theories have been generated.

The most popular theory is that online gambling is used for money laundering only. Over the years many casino owners have been found guilty of this crime. However, there are genuine online casinos whose main agenda is to make casino games more accessible to gambling fanatics.

7] Online gambling is more addictive than live gambling

Online gamblers can access casino games anywhere and at any time. This has led to the speculation that online gambling is more addictive than gambling.

Truth be told, online and land casino gambling are highly addictive, but no study has been able to prove that online gambling is more addictive.


Gambling is a fun way to pass the time but remember it is also highly addictive. Remember that gambling is not a way to make money; do not spend too much time on it. Ensure that gambling does not replace your day job. Gamble responsibly!

Millions of people around the world are struggling with gambling addiction. In most countries, programs have been enrolled to help gambling addicts. Some of these such as the self-exclusion have proved useful in recent times.

If you feel like you are struggling with this kind of addiction, feel free to contact help via the toll-free line in your respective country.

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