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Betting On Sports – How to Bet On Sports for Beginners

Betting is a popular hobby and business all over the world, mainly it is betting on sports that are international. But in some countries like India it is possible to bet on sport that are indigenous.

Some place bets on a result to add more interest in the game and some do it to show their support to their favorite game. No matter the reason there are some details to take into consideration.

How to Bet on Sports


It is important to get good odds, there are different odds on the betting sites. And it changes over time depending on other players bets and news that comes in.

So make sure that you find a site that generally has good odds on the games that you want gamble on. Keep an eye out for new online casino sites in India to make sure that you get the best deal.

Well established and impeccable service

As a gambler it is important that your experience of the site that you use really makes you feel important and welcome. Therefore, it is important that the gambling site that you use is serious and that you can feel that you and your money are safe.

We recommend you to use the lists that independent test sites offer for gamblers to be able to know that the casino is somewhat safe.

Place bets at Kabaddi and badminton

When looking at statistics there are some sports that really stand out when comparing the Indian gambling market. First there is Kabaddi, this exciting full body, team sport, that not many outside of the south Asia knows about.

Kabaddi games are rarely present on the gambling sites abroad, so you need to keep an eye at local sites to find your platform for betting.

Even though badminton is an Olympic game, and it is played around the world, the Asian players are the best players in the world. Two Indian players are on the list of best paid players in the world, PV Sandhu and Saina Nehwal. It is not hard to imagine that gambling on their games is really common in India.


This sport is mainly enjoyed in countries that is former English colonies, so countries like South Africa and India have teams in the top of the world ranking.

And countries that are big in some other international sports like Argentina have hardly heard of it and in USA the game have just started a team in the world series. This game can go on for days, sometimes weeks, so betting on the result can be really exciting a long roller coaster experience.

Kite flying

A big sport with a long history in mainly India and Afghanistan is Kite flying. From the beginning it was the sport of Kings but have now become a sport for all.

It is possible to make your own kite and to participate in local competitions where betting is a big part of this sport of last man standing. It is an easy game to understand, you shall have your kite cut the thread to your opponent’s kites.

There is even an American movie, the Kite Runner from 2007 that is all about this sport. That is probably all that is telling the outside world that this historical and dangerous sport exists. In recent years there has been several lethal accidents where the strengthened threads of the kites have slit the throats of bypassers.


There has not been a lot of international riders in sports like show jumping and dressage from India in the past, but there are a few riders who are now in the world cup.

Endurance is a classic sport for horses where India is well known competitor in the big scene with several stables at the top. But in horse racing is where all the heritage, knowledge and energy are showing.

India is not only known for its racetracks and breeding program, but also some extremely successful horses and trainers like Elusive Pimpernel and Squanderer.

Between them they have only lost two races through their careers. A world known trainer is Rashid Byrjami who also was the trainer of the mentioned horses here. His horses won in total 3170 races.

40% of 50% of India’s population visit gambling sites

Over 50% of India’s population have access to internet and of these about 40% visit gambling sites regularly. In most parts of India games of luck, like casinos, are not legal but games of skill, such as betting, are legal all over the country according to the ICLG.

There is no need to worry about the authorities when gambling on some of your favorite games. Just make sure that you can afford to lose the money.

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