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Throw a Bachelor Party That Won’t Get Him In Trouble

Here’s the bachelor planner’s predicament: You want to throw your friend a crazy, memorable bachelor party, but you don’t want them in hot water with the bride-to-be. It might seem like a difficult quandary to navigate, but in fact it’s pretty simple. Stay away from the strip clubs, keep the bachelor out of trouble, and make sure he gets home okay.

Bachelor Party


It’s entirely possible to throw a fantastic bachelor party that doesn’t get the groom-to-be in trouble. Planned right, the bachelor party will be every bit as crazy and fun, just without the next-day guilt. Here’s how to go about it.

1] Be Careful Who You Invite

There are some friends who are well meaning in their quest for fun, and then there are some friends who have more of a, shall we say, sadistic idea of what constitutes fun. Everyone knows a couple guys like this. They’ll push an inappropriate agenda under the guise of “your last day of freedom, dude”, which can get very troublesome very fast.

When considering invitations, consider either leaving these guys out or just being crystal clear upfront about what the night is going to be.

2] Choose an Engaging Activity

If you just hunker down at a bar, people are going to get antsy. And when people get antsy, they start make bad decisions. To avoid this, choose a fun, engaging activity on which to center the night. You’ve all tried going to the bar and the club, but have you ever tried axe throwing at a bachelor party?

Choose an Engaging Activity

An activity like axe throwing keeps everyone engaged and having fun in a less R-rated way than they might otherwise be. Because you’re literally throwing weapons, and because there’s a strong competitive element, no one will feel the slightest urge to be somewhere else.

3] Put Someone on Groom Duty

Axe throwing places are usually licensed to serve alcohol, but you’ll be having too much fun to drink much. It’s afterwards you have to worry about. The groom-to-be has every right to knock back a few, but just make sure that a) it doesn’t lead them to make a regrettable decision, and b) it doesn’t mess them up too badly.

Put someone on “groom watch”, making sure the bachelor stays out of (too much) trouble. You can pass the baton throughout the night, but ensure that someone’s always on it. If he’s a reasonable guy, he’ll thank you the next day.

4] Get Him in a Cab

The last thing you want is a groom who’s either in an accident, or MIA (everyone’s seen The Hangover, that cautionary tale). At the end of the night, make certain that the bachelor gets in a cab heading to their home. It’s the final bachelor party duty you’ll have, but it’s a big and important one.

Your friend loves his wife-to-be, that’s why he’s getting married. Don’t do anything to compromise that. There are plenty of ways to have fun without ending up at a strip club or, worse, asleep in a ditch.

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