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Tight Ass Meaning: How and When to Use the Popular Idiom “Tight Ass”?

The idiomatic expression “tight ass” is one you might hear or see regularly in ordinary discussion and writing. Here you will discover the meaning of the expression and the narrative of how this idiom came into existence.

What Is Tight Ass? – Meaning and Definition

Tight-ass definition and meaning

You will likewise discover helpful instances of how to appropriately utilize this expression in ordinary discussions/articulations and alternate approaches to saying this expression while conveying a similar significance.

Meaning of Tight Ass

This colloquial expression can have two implications. The importance being utilized is inferred by the setting the expression is utilized in.

The principal significance of “tight ass” is an expression used to portray somebody who has all the earmarks of being not able to have some good times or somebody who meddles with the fun that others are having.

The second significance of the expression “tight ass” is an expression used to depict somebody who is self-centered or miserly with their cash. In one or the other respect, it is viewed as a somewhat vulgar or slang term.

How the idiom Tight Ass originated

The expression idiom “tight ass” first showed up in 1969 in a novel named Portnoy’s Complaint by creator Phillip Roth. At the point when the expression began being utilized it was utilized concerning a lady who might not have sexual intercourse.

The expression went into the slang word reference in 1903 and all through numerous long periods of use, the expression took on the implied meaning it has today.

“Tight Ass” Examples

A few examples in Statements.

Someone said to a local news journalist when an applicant was gotten some information about an individual city official promoting for a similar position.

  • “He may be a decent decision for the situation of city financier. He is a genuinely tight ass. Nonetheless, I actually think I am a superior decision.”

An assertion made by a superstar concerning one more celebrity and their decay to go to a foundation ball.

  • “It isn’t unexpected to me that he would not join in. The man is a truly tight ass.”

Examples of ‘Tight Ass’ in Conversations

A discussion between two colleagues after work.

  • Colleague 1: I can hardly imagine how Stephen welcomed us to lunch and said he would pay and afterward left ahead of schedule without paying for even himself.
  • Colleague 2: It doesn’t astound me by any means. Stephen has a genuine talent for being a tight ass.

A discussion between two individuals at a cause occasion.

  • Person 1: This is a cause that I hold important to me so I gave everything I could.
  • Person 2: Not me. I just came for the free food and made the base gift.
  • Person 1: Well, aren’t you truly a tight ass!

Alternate Ways to Say “Tight Ass”

Like most informal expressions, there are a few different ways to say the expression and pass on a similar significance.

Here are a few of the things you could say rather incorporate.

  • You are an immensely stingy individual.
  • You are so modest.
  • You are self-centered.
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