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How To Use Creative Design And Collaboration Hand-In-Hand

It is a common belief that creative design careers tend to be entirely solitary. They are built on the creativity and the designing skills of one individual. As a result, it is believed that creative design can illustrate something bigger – such as an international commercial project, for instance -, can be an external element to a vast project, but can’t collaborate with any other business skill. But using creative design as an independent plugin that you add to a business project or campaign limits its effectiveness.

How To Use Creative Design

While it is true that creative designers are best qualified to think and find a visual solution to a problem or a challenge, there is nothing that stops them from being able to collaborate effectively towards the big business picture. It would be not only simplistic to believe otherwise, but it is also the certain path to failure not to collaborate with the client, the business or even another creative mind.

Designing For A Client

When you work as a freelancer or within an agency, the success of your work will depend on the quality of the collaborative atmosphere that you can generate with your client. Indeed, there is no such thing as just designing a logo, for example. Creating the right image for the client starts with the client’s instructions.

It is about understanding who they are, what they are like and what they want to achieve with your design. In short, if the instructions aren’t clear enough, don’t be afraid to question them and to share your thoughts with the clients.

It may mean that the project will take a little longer, but this is a key step of establishing yourself as a creative extension of your client’s business. Only then can you provide quality results that match their needs perfectly.

Stepping Aside From A Static Business Structure

Static Business Structure

The traditional business structure is in constant evolution. We are far from the 9-to-5 working hours in some workplaces, and others have already adopted casual workwear, flexible work, and even remote work solutions. Some companies are built on a flat hierarchy structure, while others prefer a matrix approach or a more traditional high ranking positions to smaller jobs organization.

This type of information often exists on paper only. Within an office, employees don’t always feel the difference. In short, the relationship between organizational design, organizational structure, and organizational charts needs to emphasize the creative potential for each company.

While a flat structure is often seen as a modern and dynamic approach, for example, without encouraging employees to collaborate and exchange skills and ideas freely, it is likely that your creative design career will not be able to grow and evolve.

Reaching Out To A Large Audience

Reaching Out To A Large Audience

Finally, as a creative designer, it can be enriching to combine your skills to the ones of another creative career in order to reach a larger audience. To name one of the most iconic creative collaborations, Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol revolutionized the world of art and fashion.

A simple homage to the fashion designer, in 1974, through a typical square Warhol’s portrait series, creates not only an eye-catching frame, but it also marries art and fashion in the most intimate way, letting the audiences of the two creators mix and merge for the first time.

In short, don’t be shy to collaborate with another creator: You will gain a better coverage than you have by yourself. 🙂

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  • Hi Harshil,

    If your company need promotion, it can be done by the use Creative design, am I right.
    The impact of creative design is now more valuable than ever seen. Creative design is important because first it immediate makes clear the benefits.

    The third tips to reaching out to large audience is really best. If you are a perfect designer but not even asked to design a premium design then, no one know you very well and it may be they never ask you for design. So keep designing for clients as per their different needs is the best way to be popular among them.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    – Ravi.