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UX Testing Is the New SEO

You already know that every website needs the right SEO strategies implemented throughout it in order for it to get ahead of the competition in search engine results. After all, SEO can help any website become successful, as it can direct more traffic to the site while also helping to increase conversions and profits. But did you know that UX, or user experience, testing is considered the new SEO, especially when it comes to websites and apps? Continue reading to learn more about the importance of website and app user experience testing.

The New SEO – UX Testing

UX Testing is the New SEO

UX Testing

The Connection Between User Experience and SEO

First off, in order to have a great user experience, you need to have a solid website or app design. Therefore, working with a team that really knows how to develop websites and apps is the first place to start. From there, you certainly need to incorporate basic SEO tactics, but you shouldn’t forget to focus on the user experience as well.

Look at websites like eBay and Amazon, as well as how often they redesign their sites. The reason that they change the way their sites look and operate is because they’re consistently responding to their user’s needs and wants. The same strategy should be employed within your business. You have to constantly take steps to make sure your app and your website are inviting, intuitive, easy to use, and responsive for mobile devices.

While SEO is used to connect with search engines, UX is used to connect with people. Once the SEO tactics work at attracting people to your website or app, it is time to let the user experience take over to keep them there and increase conversions.

Using Blog Posts

Blog posts are great not only for SEO, but also for UX. Therefore, you can use your blog to determine the UX of your website with the appropriate UX testing methods.

Blog Posts

Blog Post

Basically, if you want to enhance your site’s user experience, engage with visitors on a regular basis by posting articles to your blog that will allow you to speak directly to current clients while attracting new ones. Combined with the right content marketing strategy, you can make your site a breeze to navigate, as well as filled with valuable content, keywords, and links.

How to Determine User Experience Easily

If you are having trouble determining whether or not your website or app has a superior user experience, consider hiring experts like those as Goby Savvy, as they can work on testing your site or your app to determine its current UX and any areas that need improvement.

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Now that you know that SEO and UX are equally important to the success of a website and app, you can take the necessary steps to test your products and ensure that they are not only attracting users, but also retaining them. This is a strategy that will lead to long term success, especially if you are consistent and always willing to revisit your site and app to make changes along the way. 😀

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