5 Ways to Tap the Global Talent Pool

One positive development to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic? It has shown businesses that they don’t need a traditional brick-and-mortar office. Employees can successfully work from home anywhere in the world.

Because of this ability to work remotely, businesses are expanding their talent search beyond driving distance – much further, actually. And thanks to advances in videoconferencing software like Zoom and online payment platforms, it’s easier than ever. Companies can hire contractors who don’t live in the same time zone – or even country – as they do.

Ways to Tap the Global Talent Pool

Whether your business is seeking to enter new international markets or simply expand your recruiting pool, you may be looking into this trend. Here are five tips that will help you harness remote talent as easily and successfully as possible.

Utilize International Contractor Management Services

One of the best things that you can do when hiring globally is to utilize international contractor management services. An international contractor management company can help you in several different ways.

The most obvious is payroll. An international contractor management service allows you to manage contractor invoices from multiple countries and pay international contractors in one place – much easier than juggling dozens of separate requests via email or a tool like PayPal.

Another major benefit of working with an international contractor management service is legal in nature. They can fill you in on hiring laws within their jurisdictions. This way you know you are not violating any local laws with your hiring practices.

Make the Most of Different Hiring Platforms

One of the most common mistakes that stateside employers make is focusing on hiring platforms that are popular only in the United States. The majority of countries have their own specific location-based hiring platforms, which get varying amounts of traffic.

For example, if you are looking to hire in Europe, you may need to use a different job-posting platform than if you were hiring in China. In the U.S., is a huge employment website. In France, Pole-Emloi.FR is popular. And in China, 51Job is a top website for job seekers.

Before you decide to post your job listing, do research online regarding country-specific hiring websites. Make sure you look at those that are most popular with job posters and job seekers as well, as they have different priorities.

Ensure Your Brand Appeals Globally

As you look into talent in other countries, you should take time to revisit your brand and media choices. When global candidates are looking for a job, they will likely visit your website and social media pages to learn more about your company. While your brand may be on point in the United States, it may not connect with global audiences.

Having a slogan that doesn’t resonate with members of an international audience – or worse, offends them – can turn top talent away. It can also deter overseas consumers from wanting to do business with your company.

Revisiting your brand and ensuring it works culturally for each region of the world is extremely important. One way to do this might be to ask business contacts in the countries in question to peruse your company’s sites and offer feedback.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is key for all businesses for a number of reasons. When it comes to seeking global workers, you never know who you are talking to or what resources they have at their disposal.

In-person and online networking offer different benefits. When networking face-to-face at a social event, you may meet people who already work with talent on a global scale. Ask them how they found the contractors they work with and any tips they may have.

Or by networking online, you may learn how to connect with overseas talent via social media groups. In general, it is easier to find global professionals via online networking than in person, but someone at an event may offer invaluable guidance.

Don’t Forget Social Media

The final tool that can help put you in touch with top talent around the globe is social media. Social media connects people and businesses worldwide, and a potential candidate may come across your brand on their feed.

Whether your company has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok account – or all five – posting regularly is essential. Be sure you are communicating effectively with consistent on-brand content that follows a regular cadence.

In addition to posting content about your company, post positions you are hiring for. You never know who might see your post. Putting open roles out there can set you up to find the right candidate for any position.

More and more companies are transitioning to remote operations and contract workers. As you look to address your staffing needs, consider following their lead and hiring from the global talent pool. By taking the five steps above, you can find the best remote workers for your company’s needs.

Expanding your business’s hiring efforts beyond borders can not only diversify your workforce, but also lead to more varied offerings for your customers.

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