What are the Qualities That Make a Good Blogger?

Blogging is not like writing an essay or some kind of office report. It is a very typical job that requires loads of patience, insatiable appetite for reading and writing and not to mention, up-to-date knowledge.

Hundreds of people with decent writing skills join blogging bandwagon every year, only to realize after putting in lots of time and effort that blogging is not their cup of tea. This is not to discourage people interested in blogging rather this is just to help them make an informed decision.

Top Qualities Of A Great Blogger

Qualities Of A Great Blogger

Every profession has its requirements of basic skills to enter, failing which you are destined to fail. Therefore, before taking a plunge in the sea of blogging, check the qualities of a blogger that will allow you to assess yourself.

1] Reading and writing skills

If you wish to start blogging, one of the basic skills that you need to possess is an insatiable hunger to read and write.

Only if you are a voracious reader, then only can you accumulate enough knowledge about a subject to write good narrative content so that people who read the content look forward to your posts in future.

Blogging is not just writing down some piece of information on a page under your real or pseudo name. Rather, a blogger researches the whole issue very carefully and writes down a very simple and short version out of a complex issue.

Blogging also entails involving the readers with your writing in an interesting and positive manner so that the issue is understood in the same light as it is supposed to be. Therefore, good and persuasive writing skill is a dire must to become an effective blogger.

2] Need to have good networking skills

Every blogger should be a good networking person. He should be in contact not only with other bloggers in the same field, but also with his audience.

No matter how much you know on your subject matter, different people are bound to have a different perspective. Therefore, when you stay in contact with your peers and your audience, you come to know the industry updates as well as reader preferences.

If you are looking to join the blogging community, the first step is to join a blogger in the field that you wish to write and then put in your views on his blogs. This way you will come in contact with other bloggers and also know the choice of people and their point of view.

3] Knowledge in the field

As a blogger, you cannot write on each and everything under the sun. You need to choose a field or a few areas on which you can blog. The choice of fields for blogging should be such that you have adequate knowledge on the subject matter along with a clear stand on it.

This is very important, because as a blogger you need to convince your point of view on a topic. Moreover, if you don’t have adequate knowledge, you will not be able to write on the topic on a regular basis.

One or two blogs on a topic may not be sufficient to cover the entire it or prove your point on it. Therefore, you have to think deeply before choosing your subject of blog.

4] Passion for a subject and writing

One of the key factors of a good blogger is that he is passionate for the subject that he is writing, and also for writing the blog.

Passion is the energy that drives him to research through day and night on a subject and bring forward information that readers may not find on Google or other search engines.

5] Basic knowledge of SEO is must

Irrespective of the quality of your content, your passion for writing and knowledge and command you have on the subject of blog, basic knowledge of search engine optimization is a must for every blogger.

You must know that a good blog is not only one which has good content and one that is appreciated by readers; but a good blog is one that is also recognized first by all the search engines so that maximum numbers of readers go through it.

Search engine optimization is the technique that is used by all the bloggers and writers throughout the globe. It has become a standard practice that is advised and followed by developers of content and other matter on the internet.

6] Writing on a regular basis

A good blogger comes out with a blog every few days. He is not one who will write a blog and then stay put for a long time. You need to develop a habit to write on a consistent basis because if you want to become a good blogger, you need to develop an audience for your work.

You can only develop readership for your work if you can come out with some new and interesting information on the subject of your choice every few days.

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