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What Is Post Graduate Diploma In Management?

Whether you want to get a high-paying job at a large corporation or start a new business, you need a management degree. And if you have been looking for degree courses, you have probably come across the MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

However, another postgraduate course that can give you MBA-level skills is the PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management course.

Post Graduate Diploma In Management

Wondering what this course is all about and how it is different from a traditional MBA. Let’s take a look.

What Is the PGDM Course?

Simply put, PGDM is a diploma course in business management that helps individuals learn all the necessary skills to grow businesses. Unlike MBA programs conducted by Universities under the University Grants Commission (UGC), PGDM is offered by private and autonomous B-schools under the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

In fact, both the AICTE and UGC are recognized equally. This means a Diploma in Management and an MBA practically hold the same value.

Who Can Take the PGDM Course?

A graduate from any stream, irrespective of career stage, can get a Postgraduate Diploma in Management to take their careers to the next level.

This is because the course is beginner-friendly, providing students the tools to run, manage and grow businesses. So, whether you are a life sciences graduate or an IT professional, you have the skills to run companies efficiently by the end of the course.

That said, PGDM programs usually require to fulfill basic eligibility requirements. These are as follows.

  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree and have passed with a minimum of 45% marks.
  • Depending on the institute, you need to clear the entrance exam and the personal interview to get admission.

What Skills Do You Learn During the Course?

The course helps you learn business functions like Business Analytics, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and HR, among a range of others. It also encourages students to become progressive global leaders by training them in crucial communication, team building, and other soft skills.

And that’s not all. The course includes assignments, internships, and more, helping you get a real-world understanding of the concepts covered in the program.

Jobs You Can Get With a PGDM Diploma

With a Diploma in Management, you can get an entry-level manager or supervisor position at top corporations. In fact, since a management diploma provides you with all the skills to run and expand businesses, you can even start your own company or take your family-run business to the next level.

Some PGDM programs offer specialization options too, opening a range of additional higher-pay career opportunities. For instance, specialization in International Business could help you get an international career in all of two years.

Choose a Suitable PGDM Program Today!

It’s evident that attending a PGDM program can help you advance your career. But since the fees are usually high, you want to get into a program that provides the highest ROI.

A PGDM program like the one at D School of Business has a comprehensive curriculum along with the best-in-class teachers and mentors to guide you through your journey. The best part? In addition to placement support, you also get dedicated mentoring sessions, opportunities to learn from top faculty from global universities, and more. Apply today!

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