Whiteboard Animation Software: The Key to Marketing Success

For most of us, when thinking back to school days, it was exciting when the teacher would pull out the technology instead of having a lecture for the day. Nearly everyone prefer watching video animated context than listening to content or engaging in a question/answer session.

Video is a powerful tool in the business world as well. It’s not merely a tool to grab students’ attention. It’s an incredible marketing tactic that allows companies to make a whiteboard discussion that will impact their target group more than merely written content.

Whiteboard Animation Software

When a brand makes an impression with a consumer, that customer returns to do business with the memorable company over the competition.

The Fundamentals Of Whiteboard Videos

A Whiteboard animation is simply a brief video of no more than approximately three minutes that gives details on a subject in an engaging way meant to draw the audience’s eye.

The marketing tool can communicate many things to the consumer, whether introducing the company and their objective, a product and how to use it, or services you offer and why you’re the best for the job.

The quick overview means to impact the viewer who might otherwise not recognize your brand, especially for those just starting in business.

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Reasons Why Whiteboard Is An Effective Tool

Video on its own is the preferred platform for the population, but the explainer animation engages the audience. It ultimately impacts the viewer and benefits the brand since that consumer will likely come back due to their memorable experience. Why are these becoming so popular?

  • The animation process of drawing or writing, even erasing on a board, entertains.
  • Keeping these current is straightforward and seamless.
  • Diagrams and art hand-drawn gives credibility and an expert appeal.
  • Production is user-friendly and budget-friendly.
  • It’s content marketing of a direct, concise yet brief nature.

Industries today rely on technology, but it doesn’t need to be complex or fussy. It merely needs to be creative, fun, unique, and colorful to grab interest. People prefer simple over complicated.

The more difficult it is to understand, the less they’ll pay attention, whether it’s video, written, or lecture. With a whiteboard, there’s the added sense of curiosity for the viewer, and that entices continued watching and a need to pursue further business with the brand.

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Why Businesses Are Turning To Explainer Videos

More businesses are choosing explainer videos as a way to market their brand. The creative choice caters to the audience’s imagination in as little as a minute.

Turning To Explainer Videos

In that short period, you have the consumer’s full attention allowing for an impact. Once a brand is memorable to a target demographic, that group does business with that platform over the competition.

Each industry faces fierce competition with few ways to stand out from companies doing the same thing in the same way.

A simple process like this allows many chances to do it differently, cost-effectively, and efficiently in your voice so that the audience identifies you apart from others. Why is whiteboard the answer? Let’s look at why brands are turning to this marketing tool.

E-Commerce Meets Creativity

Drawing an audience to your online platform can prove challenging, particularly with the level of competition facing every industry. Each time a brand incorporates a new bit of technology, others will follow suit, diminishing the novelty and uniqueness of the technique for everyone.

Fortunately, with explainer videos, that is less likely to happen. A company can mimic your format, but they can’t produce your identical copy without ramifications. That allows every brand to make its original standout statement to its targeted group. It also relies heavily on your level of creativity and ability to stimulate the imagination.

You will need to reach people from an emotional yet logical point of view. You want to appear an expert with credibility in your topic with a piece that informs the audience in a short but detailed and creative blurb.

People today prefer to receive their information from video over books because it saves them time and allows better absorption while they engage in other activities simultaneously.

Varied Types Allow Distinction

Even if five different brands do the same version of “explainer,” they can each have a different feel. But you can further separate yourself from your competitor due to the diversity in the types so that no two compare. Some other varieties include.

  • Whiteboard
  • Live-action
  • Kickstarter
  • Animated.

Animation is a good process if you want to explain varied products or services, especially something complex like new software. Live-action doesn’t use the animation process.

These are ideal when describing services involving people or physical goods. The presence of real people offers an emotional attachment to the brand and can make it more appealing.

Search Engine Optimization Advantages

Google’s algorithm is continually updating with some of the latest, including video monitoring, ultimately bringing more visibility to the “explainers” meant to hold a viewer’s attention. Compared to the traditional video, suggestions indicate the whiteboard has nearly double the chance for people to watch the full version.

The longer the consumer focuses on the content, the more credibility the brand has with Google and legitimacy with the online visitors.

Do These Videos Typically Work With Viewers?

Claims suggest viewers share popular “explainers” among their friends and families if they’re engaging, enjoyable, and creative. These impact the audience making them want to watch and interact with that particular business.

Having made that impact, the brand is then memorable so that when it comes time to buy the product, employ the services, or do business with a company, the first place that comes to mind is your place of business.

Another incredible advantage of the marketing concept is it can be beneficial as an instructional tool for a business when training staff much faster than a group classroom lecture session.

You can also introduce new products or services to the market quickly and more powerfully with simple instructions or descriptive on how it works with nearly instant feedback from those motivated by the level of creativity.

The only thing to keep in mind when creating a marketing whiteboard is you need to cover many details all at one time. The whiteboard is an ideal platform if you have a critical syllabus to cover since it allows the information to unfold while the narrator explains.

In this way, you have the opportunity to present plenty of information in one setting without boring your target, even if the idea is an intricate or highly complex system or item.

People tend to get easily bored with drawn-out explanations, especially those with a great deal of detail. A target group is eager to watch high-quality animation, especially since it’s fast-moving, brief, direct, but says it all with visual stimulation instead of a spoken lecture.

These are especially popular in the social medium and channel formats. People enjoy these making an incredible possibility to achieve much clicking and converting. Not many people scroll past videos.

Whiteboard Animation

Final Thought

Less is most definitely more. Brand leaders tend to forget that when creating website content, often overloading cramming traditional material like photos or pictures, unusual fonts, a blend of different animation styles, all meant to draw an audience to their goods or services.

Instead, it overwhelms the consumer and creates a slow load time for the page. In both of these cases, the target group walks away and generally doesn’t return. You can take a mix of those conventional pieces and put them into a single idea, with the whiteboard having a more powerful, impactful result that looks clean and inviting.

The single piece of content provides all the detail, education, creativity in one element while engaging the audience, making an impression that sticks with the average consumer. Hence, each time they think of that product or service, or business project, your brand comes to the forefront of their mind.

People tend to remember what they see more so than information they hear or read. The practical aspect for a business is the consumers who visit a video they enjoy want to share with friends, family, acquaintances they think could use it, anyone, that might benefit.

One of the best marketing tools a company can hope for is word-of-mouth. The more people that hear about what you have to offer, the further the word travel and the broader your reach becomes.

That ultimately means further growth and tremendous success, all due to a very simplistic technological tool that helped your brand distinguish itself from other companies in the same market doing the same thing.

Remember, the audience wants to know who you are and what you’re about as the brand leader. The whiteboard needs to scream your personality so the target group can create an identity for the one responsible for what they’re witnessing.

Humor is always a positive, even in what deems a serious topic. People love to laugh and will associate your brand with making them feel good.

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