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Great Android Apps for Today’s College Students

In our modern times, the truth is that you probably won’t find students who don’t use innovative gadgets. It’s also true that students are using different android applications, not just for entertainment, but for studying as well. Both Apple and Android platforms provide dozens of programs and android apps for college students that are very useful and informative to keep up with the times and boost their studying process. Every student probably knows a number of applications that most fit their, but there are still some apps that no student should live without. Here are twenty-four important and useful android apps for today’s student:

Android Apps College Students

Android Apps for College Students


Millions use Any.Do for organizing their tasks. This app is perfect for students who need to create their own to-do list. It also will synchronize all their tasks with other devices so that their list can be accessed from anywhere. A touch-based interface adds lets you add new entries to the list, use your voice to create tasks.

2. Mailbox

If you often have troubles with your email because it lacks some special features you’d like? Download Mailbox to your mobile device and you can forget about all these problems. Different swipe commands help you keep your inbox clean and archive emails you’ve read, set reminders, and always stay on the top of your inbox.

3. Dropbox

No student should ever be afraid of losing their notes or coursework. Dropbox lets you upload all your documents, photos, even videos into the cloud, and then retrieve them online whenever and from wherever you need. The only thing you need is a web connection.


College students always want to know almost everything and keeping their eyes on the ball can be difficult because of constant deadlines. helps you deal with this problem. It is one of the best RSS aggregators, and lets you consolidate all your news into just one feed.

5. Scribd

Scribd is the world’s biggest online library. Students will find millions of different documents and books for their studies and can easily organize them according to each topic. Create your own library and then share it with friends whenever you like.

6. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is perfect for students who study literature and write papers. It provides you with information about every character, plot or theme, and you can use the audio version as well, listening to all this info while walking to your next science test.

7. Mathway

Mathway is the mobile application that guides you step-by-step while you search for algebra, geometry, math or any other class solution. Just enter your task into the application, and see if your solution is the same as the one Mathway offers.

Android Apps College Students

8. iTunes U

If you use an Apple device, you’ll be glad to know you have access to iTunes U, which gives you access to many different educational courses from a number of leading universities, absolutely free. It’s your chance to learn various subjects from the best colleges around the world.

9. EasyBib

Most college students would probably say the most difficult stage of essay writing is creating a list of citations. If you agree, EasyBib is the right app for you. Enter a book’s title and immediately get the right citation! Then, just copy it into your bibliography.

10. Studious

How often do you forget when your next test is, or do you always know when the deadline is for your homework? Studious solves this problem with reminding you just in time.


The perfect application for words enthusiasts and anyone else who needs to read a lot of books on many different topics. When you come across a tricky word or two, makes it easy to find the definition of any word you aren’t sure about.

12. The Oxford Dictionary

This is another application for your mobile device that can help you understand English words a little better. Just enter the word you need into the app, and get its detailed definition with just the click of a button.

13. Self Control

It seems college students can’t live without Facebook, Twitter, or the other popular social networks. They always need to check out new photos of their friends or share their mood with everybody. Self Control helps you avoid these distractions by blocking certain websites for the amount you set, and then when your lecture is over, the sotes magically reappear at just the right time.

14. TED

The most famous and fascinating people are now in your phone with TED. This app has all the business experts, educators, music legends, computer geniuses and many other interesting people in high-quality videos from conferences all around the world. Perfect for opening up your mind to something new every day.

Android Apps College Students

15. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you’re a maths student, you almost always need a calculator around to solve equations quickly. RealCalc Scientific Calculator goes with you in your phone so you’ll never be afraid of forgetting your calculator at home. That’s assuming, of course, you don’t also forget your phone.

16. JumpCut

If you use copy and paste buttons all the time, then JumpCut is for you because it saves all the text you’ve copied and pasted before and gives you access to it, even if you’ve copy and pasted a new text after the one you wanted back again.

17. Chegg

Each time you enter a new semester, you have to go and buy new textbooks, and that can get expensive, especially for a college student. Chegg lets you find rentals of the textbooks you need just by searching for it in its database. And if it’s a regular book you need, and they have it, you can easily rent via Chegg.

18. Google Drive

Being a college student in today’s world probably means having a large number of documents. At some time, somewhere, you are going to need access to one or several of these documents from somewhere else than your dorm room. The best decision is to put them on Google Drive and access them using your preferred mobile device.

19. Viber

If you study a good distance from home, this app might be your best helper to connect with family and friends. With Viber, you can stay in touch with close people, share news, photos and videos with them, and even feel their presence when they are not in the same city with you.

20. Duolingo

If you study foreign languages, then you definitely need Duolingo. This app helps you learn new words, get ready for your tests and exams, and finish various tasks to improve your knowledge. It’s free and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

21. Snap2PDF

How convenient would it be to convert any file into a PDF with just a single click? Snap2PDF does this by just taking a picture of the needed text, then pushing a button and the app converts the picture into a PDF file right before your eyes.

Android Apps College Students

22. Clear

If you have to-do lists for essays, another for exams, even another for parties, you can synchronize them all together so you can have access to each one via your phone. Clear syncs all your to-do lists with your other devices making it easier for you to open them, as long as you have Internet access.

23. Venmo

Venmo links your device with your bank account to make it easier to pay back money without having to deal with cash. You can share your payments with friends, collect from people who owe you, pay your bills, and a lot more.


Students often have a problem with money, and even if you have enough in your savings account, somehow it always tends to disappear. Don’t let this happen by using to control your budget. You’ll see what your money is being spent on and, who knows, you may even become responsible.

Today’s students all use innovative gadgets, and their mobile devices go with them everywhere. Using one or more of these cool android apps will help every student keep up with the times and make their studying process easier and more fulfilling or, perhaps, just a bit more fun. The KEY is to help them learn how to succeed in life and be a true benefit to society.

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