Why You Should Blog – The Benefits of Blogging

Self expression on the Internet is an open book. The possibilities are limitless and with the creation of your own personal website or blog, you can have a fully customizable method to express your thoughts, concepts, ideas and feelings to both a massive audience and a small corner of the universe, as well as all that is in between.

Why Blog

If you’ve never thought of yourself as someone who would want to have their own website, think again! There are many reasons that having a personal website can be a great thing and because it is yours and yours alone, there is no expectation for you to work on it daily, weekly or even monthly. It is yours to build and nurture as you wish to whatever passes through your mind.

You Should Have blog:

Here are some of the most common reasons to start a blog or personal website:

Self expression and creativity

Some of us are in touch with our creative side, while others are not. A personal website gives you the chance to decide what you want to say to an audience that will hear it. It also gives you the chance to customize your website directly to your wants and needs. Perhaps you are very interested in the design of your blog as well as the content. You can spend some time learning how to design in ways you’ve never done before. As well as you can use a free website builder to create the exact site you’ve always dreamed about!

To promote something

Thirty years ago, if you had a particular product or idea you were trying to promote, it would be very difficult and expensive to spread to a large audience. Now, with the ability to create a personal blog as well as share on social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can spread your idea in a quick and very inexpensive way. Think of some of the Internet sensations today that are only well known due to their presence online!

Why Blog

To connect with and help others

When you go through a particular experience, both positive and negative, it can be helpful to share and connect with others going through the same thing. Travel blogs are a great way that people are brought together for a “positive” experience. They give potential wanderlusters great advice and ideas about all different kinds of travel. Or, when you go through a particular illness, for example, a personal blog can be a great medium of helping others going through the same thing.

To connect with family or friends

Globalization has brought families and friends both farther apart and closer together. Expats are a commonplace today and the ability to live where you want and still remain close to family and friends is now available. Family and friends can stay updated on your current happenings from thousands of miles away with a few simple clicks.

To make money


Of course most bloggers don’t make significant amount of money blogging. But if you are truly dedicated and make a big commitment to the quality and content of your blog, there is definitely potential to make money from your website.

And here are some you may not have thought of before:

To learn a new skill

Technology is evolving and improving at a rapid pace, and most of us are not able to keep up with the most advanced. Creating your own blog or website may not make you the next technology prodigy, but it will give you a nice background to work with in regards to the Internet. You may have not learned about things like “search engine optimization” or “Page Rank” before you started your website, but with some time and effort you can have a solid base on some new vocabulary. Not only that, but you may be able to pass your learned skills onto friends and family interested in building their own website.

To gain a better understanding of your hobbies and interests

Take a food or cooking blog, for example. Perhaps the creator of the website has a great interest in food, and always thought of themselves as a good cook, so they start a blog. In this blog they publish weekly articles about recipes they’ve used that week with photos to complement. These publications are great not only for the website, because they add quality content, but they also serve as “practice” for the cook. They may learn new recipes themselves and will become an even better cook than they were when they started.


Writing can be very therapeutic. You may not consider that blogging your thoughts and ideas would be good for your health,but it can serve as a relaxer and way to organize your mind to reduce stress. Writing down your ideas and advice to help others may be in fact helping yourself as well.

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