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3 Ways to Clean up Junk Files In Windows 10

The main cause of running of disk space is junk files. These days you’re using your computer to do your job and surfing the web. Junk files are creating day by day in your system while you are running your computer.

There are many problems that can slow down your computer, even unnecessary junk files can slow down your system a lot. If you’re running Windows 8 in your system, there are a lot of ways to clean up junk files easy and safe.

How To Delete Junk Files From Your Pc

Here is the guide to get rid of those unnecessary junk files. Today I will tell you the top 3 ways to clean up of those useless junk files and make your Windows 8 run faster again.

Clean up Junk files

Method 1 : Run Command

If you want to get rid of those junk files without using any help from software you can do it by yourself. This is the easy way to clean up junk files without using any software, and it also saves your time. You can clean and remove all those unnecessary temporary files, caches, cookies, history, junks by yourself easily. The way to do this :

In Desktop press Start + R and then type in %temp% after that hit enter and delete all the files that contain in the folder.

Again press Start + R and then type in Temp after that hit enter and delete all the files that contain in the folder.

The last one press Start + R and then type in Prefetch after that hit enter and delete all the files that contain in the folder.

Clean up Junk files

Method 2 : Use Windows Disk Cleanup

This is the way to wipe out all the junk and unnecessary files that keep in your system. Those files slow down your computer and also took a lot of your disk space. So why you need them? Let clean them up, The way to do this.

Go to Control Panel after that click on System and Security >>> Administrative tools >>> and then find Disk Cleanup open it and start clean up all the junk files in your drive.

Method 3 : Use CCleaner

CCleaner is the powerful cleaner software that can easily remove and clean up all the junk files such as Cookies, Browser history, unnecessary files and many more.

CCleaner is the best cleaner tools that getting job done fast and well. If you want to clean up junk files using a software you can download CCleaner and start get rid of those. It’s small and easy to use

There are many PC cleaners out there that you can experiment with. Advanced SystemCare Pro from IObit is another tool that is worth mentioning here. Compared to CCleaner, you will find additional features like Internet Booster, File Shredder, Spyware Protection, Antivirus and Firewall Protection support, and other useful tools in Advanced SystemCare’s ToolBox section. You can try the free version of the program to see if it meets your expectations. Read more about how Advanced SystemCare can speed up your computer in this Advanced SystemCare Pro Review.

This is all the best mention that I have shared. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friend. If you have any problem while doing all these steps you can leave a comment down below.

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