All You Need To Know About Brand New Honda Cars In India

The Honda Motor Company Ltd is a Japanese automobile manufacturing MNC that has its business branches in different parts of the world. As per the data available, in the Indian market, in 2019 alone, the company sold about 1, 36,000 cars, out of which the percentage of the sedans was maximum.

Brand New Honda Cars – Things You Need To Know

Brand New Honda Cars In India

The Honda Amaze was the highest number of sedans sold that year and the amount came close to 68 thousand. The figures and the trends naturally reveal that the Honda cars have a rather prominent share in the Indian market of passenger cars. The Honda Shuttle hybrid has a powerful torque which is another great addition to the Honda cars today.

What are the winning features of the Honda cars?

The reasons to buy new Honda cars are many. Honda is a brand that makes some of the most stylish and powerful sedans of the world. The new Honda car models are very well suited to the sense of aesthetics and the needs of the Indian buyers.

These cars come with a plethora of unique features that match their fashionable looks, plush and comfortable interiors, strong features of security, powerful engines, broad alloy tyres, fuel economy, efficient car heater and A/C systems, etc are some of the features that have catapulted the Honda cars to a position of eminence.

What are the top ten brand new Honda cars?

Anyone who is planning to buy a classic sedan that combines looks with performance must take a look at the list of the brand new Honda cars. The list is going to be an impressive one. For the benefit of the readers let us take a look at the top ten brand new cars from Honda.

The first one in the list is the Honda BR-V S Diesel, next is the Honda jazz VX i-VTEC, the Honda WR-V S petrol is also in the list. As the fourth model, we can take a look at the majestic Honda CR-V 2.0L 2WD AT.

Somewhere in the middle of the list rests the Honda City VX i-VTEC and the Honda Amaze 1.2 VX i-VTEC. As we move to the latter part of the list there comes the impressive Honda Accord Hybrid and the Honda City S i-VTEC. The list ends with the Honda Civic ZX CVT i-VTEC and the Honda WR-V S Alive Edition petrol.

How much do you need to invest if you wish to buy new Honda cars?

The Honda cars are much more than an ensemble of impressive features and stylish looks. The brand also brings us unparalleled competitive pricing. The on-road prices of the Honda cars are reasonable and justified by the array of utility features. The on-road prices of the cars range between Rs.9.28 lakhs to Rs.49.94 lakhs.

Where can you buy new Honda car models?

The online platforms, where you can buy brand new cars from reputed brands like Honda, have attained much popularity in recent times. The trend of buying new Honda cars at Droom, one of the online platforms for cars has garnered much popularity.

Platforms like Droom often help the buyers to explore a greater number of models. This is always not possible in the retail authorized dealer showrooms. Additionally, the buyers can take a detailed look at the cars and their features.

They can also take a clear look at their on-road prices. Both the on-road prices and the features of the cars can be compared. This is how buyers can make a prudent choice. These online platforms also offer a host of other related information like the insurance cost of the car, the loan details, etc.

All this and more is available right at the convenience and comfort of your house. In the current times when moving out is restricted for a large percentage of the population, these online platforms serve a huge purpose.

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