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Making Your Garage Door Less Cranky

If there is one equipment that can be regarded as the largest single moving object in your residence, it is your garage door.

Many garage doors typically make varying degrees of noise while in operation. However, regular us, or in some cases infrequent use, can tend to escalate the level of noise generated by the garage door.

Fixing Cranky Garage Door Yourself

This noise can be frustrating to both homeowners and neighbors. More often than not, vibrations are commonly the cause of the irritating garage door noise.

This article highlights three DIY tips to help reduce the excessive noise you experience when your garage door is in use.

Tip #1: Good old-fashioned lubrication

One surefire way to reduce the excessive noise generated by your garage door is to properly lubricate every moving part of the garage door.

For good measure you should also lubricate hinges and springs. Make sure you use a garage door specified lubricant. Using any other lubricant may be detrimental to the proper functioning of your garage door in the long-run.

You should lubricate all the moving parts of your garage door a minimum of two times annually.

Tip #2: Try using nylon rollers

Rollers made from metal are typically built to be stronger than those made from nylon. However, metal rollers tend to constitute a noise hazard. When in use they are a whole lot more noisier than nylon rollers. Make sure to procure nylon rollers that have enclosed bearings.

Now in terms of cost, metal rollers are less expensive than nylon rollers, but if you want less noise, then nylon rollers are your best bet. In addition, by replacing your metal rollers with nylon rollers, you will save money in the short and long-run as you do not have to purchase lubricating oil.

You would also spend less time on the maintenance of your garage door. A word of warning though – avoid replacing the metal rollers located at the ground level bracket.

These rollers are frequently under an immense amount of tension and you could be exposed to serious bodily harm if you are not careful and experienced.

To avoid serious damage to your garage door and injuries, make sure you call in a professional to help you out.

Tip #3: Carry out a structural integrity check

Always make sure that the structural integrity of your garage door is guaranteed. Check all the bolts and nuts to make sure they are tight and secure.

Secure the track hardware to reduce the intensity of vibration and in extension the noise. By carrying out periodic structural integrity checks on your garage door, you will extend its service life.

Do not forget to replace any worn out garage door component including damaged roller bearings. The internet is a great place to find garage door torsion springs for sale.

In conclusion, you can also include the added feature of anti-vibration pads to both the opener and the tracks of your garage door. These act as silencers to muffle the sound made by your garage door when in operation.

With your garage door noise drastically reduced, you are saved the embarrassment of neighborhood gossip amongst other things.

When your garage door functions, it relies on a spring counterbalance mechanism which utilizes force in order to offset your garage door weight.

It is the springs that provide this force and there are indeed two different basic types of garage door spring systems in existence today.

The spring mechanisms used by your garage door is what offers the resistance needed to counterbalance the garage door weight and ensure that it opens and closes at a steady, controlled pace.

The extension spring mechanism

With the Extension Spring mechanism, you have springs that are first and foremost attached directly to the garage door cables. Secondly, the cables are then attached to the lower portions of the garage door.

As the garage door closes, the springs stretch out while when the door opens, the stored-up energy in the extended springs will cause the steady lift up of the garage door. However, in time and with constant use, the steel parts of the extended springs will be weakened to the point of breaking.

To avoid a situation where the extended springs of your garage door breaks, you would need to apply due diligence by checking the extended springs regularly. Make sure there is a safety cable that runs right through the springs.

An extended spring that breaks is cause for serious safety concerns. It could put you, members of your family and/or friends in serious danger of bodily harm.

So always ensure that the integrity of the extended springs of your garage door is not compromised at any point in time. If you notice any abnormalities, make sure to contact a qualified garage door repair specialist.

The torsion spring mechanism

While many garage doors make use of the extended spring system, many more garage doors currently use the Torsion Spring mechanism. As a matter of fact, the torsion spring system is the most commonly used spring system on most garage doors today.

Typically, the torsion spring mechanism is one that is mounted along a horizontal axis over the garage door opening. The way this works is as follows.

  • When the garage door gradually lowers itself, the cables which are attached right at the lower corners of the garage door will wind up the torsion springs. As the torsion springs wind up, energy I generated.
  • For your garage door to open, the torsion springs will first unwind with the stored energy causing the garage door to be lifted off the ground and to open.

Every torsion spring has a life cycle. The life cycle of your torsion springs is determined by the pre-calculated number of opening and closing cycles that can be achieved by your respective springs.

Eventually the strength of your torsion springs will be weakened and this will ultimately affect the performance (opening/closing speed) of your garage door.

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