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Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team

In today’s age when educated people are finding it difficult to get well-paying jobs, it makes sense to start something which you are passionate about. This has led to the emergence of many start-ups, many of which have become immensely successful.

Anatomy Of A Tech Startup Team

Though initially things might be a bit slow, once your start-up idea clicks, you might have to scale up the technology or process to cater to the demands of your clients. There is immense confusion regarding which roles are essential for the start-up to scale successfully.

If you too are thinking of starting your own business, here’s an Anatomy of a Tech Start-up Team to help you succeed in your endeavour. It is essential for any start-up to have the following positions which are responsible for their fair share of work.

1] Founder/CEO 

They are responsible for guiding the company towards success. They will be responsible for the overall strategy, operations, finance, marketing, company culture, hiring as well as firing taking place within the company.

2] Recruiting/HR

Their job is to find, evaluate, hire and train any newly-hired employees for supporting the growth of the company. additionally, they are responsible for drafting and implementing the company policy to ensure the working environment is safe and friendly.

3] CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

They are responsible for providing technical support to the business. Implementing latest technology to keep the company on top is something they work for.

4] CRO

Are responsible for generating revenue for company’s growth.

5] CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

The marketing strategy of the company is their brainchild. Making use of current marketing trends, they develop strategies for improving the company’s net results.

6] CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

They are responsible for the overall financial health of the company. They maintain the financial records of the company, analyse economic predictions and make investments to contribute successfully towards the company’s finances.

7] Product Manager

They are responsible for developing excellent product as per market requirements to generate greater business. This is done by market research into user needs and works in order to deliver product as per those specifications.

8] Developers

They help create, maintain and improve software to find new solutions for software issues.

9] Sales

Selling of product is essential for revenue generation. They also help build excellent rapport with customers to know more about their buying needs. Additionally, they monitor saletrends, competitors and economic indicators for improving the sales.

10] Product Marketing

They determine purchase motivation of clients, understand and analyse the competition and then devise marketing strategy. They also help in optimising the website and provide material for support of sales team.

11] UX/UI

Since everything is application based, having a great user interface is important. this team is involved in focused on ensuring that each individual screen page is properly laid out and has all visual and text elements aligned consistently.

12] Customer Service

They are aware of the intricacies of the product and help in assisting in troubleshooting if and when the need arises. They resolve all product related queries of the customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.

13] Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Help create brand awareness by using social media and web content. They draw more visitors to the website by informing and entertaining them about the product, casually converting browsing visitors into paying customers.

14] QA Testing

They have an important job, finding any bugs or flaws in the product before the actual launch takes place.

15] Lead Gen & Paid Advertising

Since most companies advertise using search engines, this team makes use of SERP and social media, blog, news outlets and other online communities to generate positive vibes regarding the company and the product apart from generating sales-ready leads.

16] Admin and Office Management

The day to day working of the office is managed by this team. They ensure that the office is running smoothly by keeping all office equipment well maintained, coordinating with landlord, building maintenance, catering to food and beverage for the staff as well as answering any calls. Thanks to them, the team remains productive.

Since you are aware of the positions, hope you succeed in your endeavour! Infographic brought to you by Wrike scheduling project management software.

Anatomy of a Tech Startup Team - by Wrike project management software

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