6 Types of Android Apps Which Will Change Your Android Experience

In this current era, more than 50% of the mobile users are using Android platform because it gives tons of features that every mobile users wants and I think you are also using any Android device (and that’s why you are reading this). But did you ever thought about your Android’s experience? Are you taking complete advantage of being an Android user? If yes, then no problem. If not continue reading this. Because here we are going to talk about 6 types of Android apps which will change your Android experience ever than before.

Android Applications That Will Change Your Android Experience

Android Applications

Android Apps

1. Lock screen apps:

If you are a beginner (or even normal user) to Android you might have noticed that device’s manufacturers (i.e Samsung, Sony, HTC etc..)gives only one option to protect your Android device. You can protect your mobile with PIN, Password or Pattern. But this default lock system doesn’t gives you an option to lock your mobile for specific apps to protect your mobile more securely. But don’t worry,there are few lock screen apps which can help you to get out of this problem. By using these apps, you can take advantage of locking each and every single app of your Android device. We have already shared few best lock screen apps for Android. Check this post for more information.

2. Free calling apps:

If you spending for too much pennies for calling your friends, relatives or co-workers, then you should stop doing this after being an Android user.Because you can save your lot of pennies by taking advantage of free calling apps. There are tons of apps which allow you make free calls through an Internet connection. But make sure that you choose the right app and have decent internet to get the quality of free calling.
Best Android apps to make free calls

3. Customizing apps:

Many Android users are still using their boring homescreen and default launcher in their mobile (Even they knew about it). They think there is no way to change the look of their mobile. But they are completely wrong. You can customize the look of your Android device in many ways by using 3rd party apps. There are many apps in the PlayStore to this. But only few of them will work well and other apps will just slow down the performance of your mobile instead of customizing. Here are the top 3 apps which you can consider while customizing your Android device.

• Nova Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Apus Launcher

4.Gaming apps:

Whenever you are free and don’t have any work, Gaming is one of the best choice to spend your time especially in an Android device. Android gives you an different gaming experience which no other platform gives. There are many games available on the store, but we have made it easier to find best gaming apps for your Android device. Select any of these apps and enjoy the Android experience.

5. Browser apps:

There are many Android users who are still using default browser in their mobile. But you know what, this is one of worst mistake after being an Android user. You should use any of the 3rd party Android browser to get the fast and smooth browsing experience. There are lots of features being provided in 3rd party browsers which default browser can’t. Here are few best performing android browsers which you should consider to use in your mobile.

• UC Browser
• Opera Browser
• Chrome Browser for Android

6. Photo and Video Editing apps:

We all know that we can edit any photos and videos using Windows or Mac. But what happens to Android users if they don’t have any PC’s? Well Android users can also do the same thing as Windows or Mac do by using 3rd party apps. You can take advantage of 3rd party apps to edit your Photos and Videos which can also save your time. Here are few 3rd Party apps which you use to edit your Photo or Video in your Android device.

Photo Editing Sites

Photo editing apps:

  • PicsArt Photo Studio
  • Photo Editor Pro

Video editing apps:

  • KineMaster- ProVideo Editor
  • VivaVideo

Android Photography Apps

Final words:

These are the 6 best types of Android apps that will make the difference in your Android experience. If you are not using any type of app that is mentioned above, then you should start using it. Do you have any suggestions which you would like to add in this list? We would like to hear from you. Just comment and let know about your thoughts.

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