Health Insurance Vs. Super Top-up: Understanding the Difference

As we all know, medical emergencies are uncertain. No one can really predict when a need for medical attention might arise. Moreover, the COVID pandemic has intensified the realization of superior preparation for medical emergencies. In addition, it has made people understand the importance of health insurance policies.

Health insurance policies support people in adverse circumstances and ensure that one gets adequate medical attention on time. A robust health insurance plan also mitigates any possibility of failure of medical attention due to the unavailability of finances.

Health Insurance Vs. Super Top-up

All this makes health insurance plans of supreme importance in today’s time. But oftentimes, there exists a condition when your regular health insurance plan cannot provide the required financial support. That’s where super top health insurance comes into play.

What are Super-Top Up Health Insurance Plans?

Super top-up health insurance plans are specific plans that increase the coverage of regular health insurance policies. Imagine a situation of an insured who is diagnosed with a critical ailment, and his treatment involves around INR 15 lakhs, but the sum assured of his health insurance is only for INR 7-8 lakhs. What would he do?

In such scenarios, super top-up plans prove to be supportive. These can also be leveraged at times when the maximum sum assured of regular health insurance gets exhausted. Additionally, these plans are available at reasonable prices and provide several other benefits.

Therefore, instead of buying a comprehensive health insurance plan, you can consider buying a regular health insurance policy with a super top up health insurance plan.

A few credible insurance providers such as TATA AIG allow easy, super top-up plans. TATA AIG has a super top-up health insurance plan named MediCarePlus, which provides its clients extensive benefits and wide coverage.

How Are Super Top-Up Plans Beneficial?

Super top-up health insurance plans prove to be a savior in trembling times and help extend the coverage of regular health insurance plans at a reasonable amount. Some of the benefits of super-top plans are.

Do You Need to Buy a Super Top Health Insurance Plan?

Having a regular health insurance plan often gives rise to the need of buying a super-top up insurance plan.

However, sometimes just buying regular health insurance plans often make people think that they are optimally covered and do not need the extra safety coverage of a super-top up plan. But, here are some of the reasons for buying a super top-up health insurance plan.

If you are a corporate policyholder

This is the right time to buy a super top-up plan if you are a corporate policyholder. The group policy often provides less coverage and doesn’t offer extensive benefits. In such a situation, having a stable and beneficial super top-up health insurance plan can ensure comprehensive coverage.

If your policy provides only limited coverage

If you have a health insurance plan with limited coverage or restricted benefits, having a super-top up plan can save you during challenging times.

Elders at home

If you have elders or chronically ill family members who are covered under a health insurance plan, buying a super top-up plan can make sure you stay ready for unanticipated times. As older people are more prone to severe and uncertain medical conditions, securing a top-up plan always benefits.

The Final Picture of Health Insurance vs. Super Top-Up Plans

Health insurance plans are important, and super top plans firm their importance. One cannot have a super top-up plan without having a regular health insurance plan. These plans assist when one has exhausted the maximum sum assured of their basic health insurance plan.

To get the best options for super top-up plans, consider and compare health insurance quotes across various insurance providers. As these plans are flexible, so must be their benefits. Get health insurance quotes from a few providers, understand the benefits offered, then finalize your health insurance plan and insurance provider.

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