How Do You Inform Your Customers In Times Of Crisis?

The whole world is undoubtedly aware of what is happening now. This Covid19 pandemic/crisis now affects literally everyone. As an (online) retailer you want to continue to serve your customers as well as possible, but concessions will also have to be made on your side. Do you have to inform your customers about this and how do you do that?

How Do You Inform Your Customers

How about legal and online purchasing?

At the moment, of course, there is a unique situation that is taking over. In time, customers cannot expect everything to be delivered on time. However, inform your customers about this. And don’t make any promises that you may or may not be able to deliver at this time. Communicate clearly about this.

Also check the communication regarding delivery times on your website or in your check-out. Look at your stock and consult your suppliers and distributor before making firm commitments on delivery times. That prevents a lot of hassle.

Of course, the law still applies in this situation. So make sure you communicate honestly and clearly with your customers. The claim “ordered today, delivered tomorrow” may now be more difficult to live up to, so indicate that on your website.

The telephone accessibility of your webshop can also be less than customers expect from you and you normally indicate on your website.

Inform your customers in detail

There are all kinds of options to ensure that your potential customers are informed down to the last detail. Of course you want your potential customers to really make their first purchase as soon as they are in your store or showroom.

If customers get an unclear picture of your store and the information of your products, they will continue to search with another provider and you will therefore lose them. In this article you will find different ways to provide your (potential) customers with the information they need.

Banners and canvas

An easy and clear means is a tendon cloth (translated to Dutch: peesdoek). A banner is a textile cloth with a silicone string all around. The canvas is very easy to place in a frame that can also be made according to your own wishes.

A banner can be printed with anything you want. So, for example, give an important message to your customers. The tendon cloths can be printed quite large and are therefore also very suitable for printing with information that you want to convey to your customers.

Types of banners

A banner/canvas can be made with different types of materials. These materials all have their own name and properties. Here are some examples of them:


This material is most commonly used in making textile fabrics for frames. Because there is a little stretch in the material, you can stretch it very tightly. This ensures a nice end result. This is also often used when making banners, for example.


The name already reveals what the material is intended for. With blackback textiles, the back is black, so that no light can shine through the fabric and the print remains perfectly visible. This is especially useful for textile frames with LED lighting.


“struc” stands for structure in this material. This type of material is used to give the cloth a structure that dampens the sound. It makes less noise in a crowded area.

Presentation folders with in-depth information

You can also use presentation folders to provide your customers with in-depth information. Of course you prefer to tell your story to customers yourself, but you also have customers who prefer to go through what is for sale or what the options are at your company.

There are many ways to print presentation folders. Besides the fact that the folder can be printed in full color completely as desired, the shapes and thicknesses can also be determined. If you have a lot of information on paper, you can have the folders made with a higher filling height in order to be able to get rid of all the paperwork.

Have you become interested in making tendon cloths, banners or presentation folders? Then be well informed and experience the success for yourself!

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