Is It Real to Live Without NIF In Portugal?

NIF is an important step that has to be dealt with by everyone who wants to live in Portugal and be involved in official activities there. So, follow the article suggested below, and you will get to know a lot of useful stuff.

What is NIF At All?

NIF is a tax identification number that is given by the tax authorities of Portugal. It consists of nine digits and helps the government to sort of interact with the taxpayers. It is necessary for everyone who wants to get engaged in legal activities in Portugal. If you are planning to get NIF soon, do not worry. The whole procedure is not hard at all in case you are well aware of how to act.

Live Without NIF In Portugal

The Reasons Why You Need to Receive NIF as Soon as Possible

As you probably understand right now, NIF is necessary for basically everyone. This also refers to non-residents. And, it turns out to be especially relevant if a non-resident plans to own a property in Portugal. It will be really hard to lead an active lifestyle in Portugal without NIF as long as it has to be presented in the following situations:

  • Getting inheritance;
  • Buying any kind of property;
  • Opening a bank account (even if you do this online by means of an intermediary);
  • Paying taxes (no matter whether you belong to a certain company or have it, and even work as a freelancer);
  • Paying utility bills;
  • Getting any kind of contract (this also includes the case when you interact with the mobile operator);
  • Attending university;
  • Making a purchase and ordering the services;
  • Getting a car;
  • Working and dealing with social security payments, etc.

So, this list is not even a complete enumeration of the situations when NIF turns out to be essential to have! That is why you surely need to consider ordering it as soon as possible.

Is It Possible to Order NIF Online?

The very first idea that strikes the mind of those who intend to order NIF is dealing with the official authorities who work in the local tax offices. Well, you are free to act this way too. Nevertheless, it may be more sensible to order your NIF online, such an option will present you with fewer worries and issues that may appear on the way. Let’s see what is meant by this.

Primarily, it may be hard to communicate with the official authorities if you can’t speak Portuguese well. Not all of the Portuguese employees of the local tax offices have nice English, and this may result in great inconvenience for you. The second aspect to bear in mind is your time.

Not everyone wants to spend a few days arranging everything and trying to receive NIF. That is why it is going to be an ideal solution to work with an intermediary who will do everything for you.

Besides, delegating such a task as getting NIF is rather relevant if you would like to devote your free time to something that has to be done urgently. For instance, it may be visiting a doctor or searching for a job.

So, it is possible to get NIF online and such an option will save you a lot of time that can be dedicated to something else.

How to Order NIF Online

The first step to take in this direction is to find a reliable intermediary who will help you to deal with your documents in order to initiate the process of obtaining NIF.

Coming across a nice firm that is going to be involved in the procedure is linked to the following characteristics to rely on:

  • It is an intermediary with vast experience in working with clients that will help you in the most efficient way ever in no time;
  • You are free to familiarize yourself with the website that is clear for dealing with. It means that you shouldn’t waste time figuring out where to find the description of the services and so on;
  • The price is not too crazy and can be called affordable and fair.

If you see that these features are present, do not hesitate to order NIF online. In this case, you will not have to wait for too long and will certainly be satisfied with the final result you are about to get.

Normally, in order to initiate the process of receiving a service, you should provide certain documents. They are listed on the site of the intermediary you will be working with.

These docs should be scanned and uploaded. It is important to take care of the quality of the documents if you want the stuff to be completed quickly and painlessly. So, best of luck with everything and hope your NIF will be ready soon!

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