Preparations for Travelling to Canada. All You Need to Know

Canada is a huge country and full of contrasts and you have to take into account several issues when traveling, so here are the recommendations that we believe you should know if you are going to visit this magical country.

Preparations for Travelling to Canada

1] Airline ticket and ETA

There are many airlines that travel to Canada and I do not intend to expose them all here nor recommend any in particular. Search for offers. We did that. I have seen many of those offers to Canada, both east and west coast. So be patient and look!

If you are European, the permission you need to enter Canada is ETA, you can take care of it with help from, which you can process online on the web. Remember that if you enter by land or sea you do not need to take it out. That means that if you come from the US, just show your passport at customs.

2] Organize the route: what sites to see and distance between them

Once you have the plane ticket, plan well the days and places you want to visit. I am sure that you will not want to stay in the same city all your trip, because Canada has many things to offer and you should make the most of your stay there.

But the distances are quite long, so the best way to get the most out of your vacation is to know in advance what places you are going to see, how long you will take from one point to another and how long you will stay at each point. We were the first thing we did.

We entered Google Maps and there we marked all the sites we wanted to visit. Then we were tracing the route so that we never spent more than 6 hours a day driving and that we could spend the night without problem in each area.

3] Decide the means of transport

You can move on trains, buses…the transport network in Canada is very good but without a doubt the car is the best option. It all depends on the sites you want to visit.

Rentals are not excessively expensive (remember that Canada is not a particularly cheap country). If you are a better group, because it will always be cheaper. There are many car rental houses.

Canada Travel Guide

4] Accommodation

The accommodation is the most expensive of the trip, especially in the cities. Once en route you will not have so much trouble because there are countless super cool road motels. We combine apartments, motels and hotels, as was convenient for us at all times.

We did not reserve everything before we left, being such a long trip we were also booking from there, thus giving us more flexibility in case we wanted to modify the itinerary or whatever.

5] Touch to pack. What am I taking?

The most complex part of organizing a trip. The first thing is that, whether it is a long or shorter trip, or you stay in the same place or move out of the hotel every night, whatever it is, choose a comfortable suitcase. Especially recommended if you go on a road trip.

I hope these tips help you organize your Canadian adventure.

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