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12 Soft And Hard Skills A Good AWS Cloud Engineer Should Have

Cloud service engineers are specialists whose field of activity lies at the intersection of technical support and system administration.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the AWS cloud engineer job description focuses not only on technical skills but also on the personal qualities that an AWS cloud engineer should possess. Therefore, let’s figure out what hard and soft skills you need to have to become a good AWS cloud engineer.

Skills A Good AWS Cloud Engineer Should Have

Hard skills of an AWS cloud computing engineer

An AWS cloud service engineer is a professional with a technical background. Self-taught people rarely enter this profession and do not climb high on the career ladder. Hard skills are typically tested with AWS cloud engineer interview questions:

  1. Proficiency in Linux.
  2. Understanding the difference between TCP, IP, and TCP/IP, and being proficient in HTTP(S) and DNS protocols.
  3. Ability to configure Nginx.
  4. Understanding how configuration systems work.
  5. Being able to code at an advanced level.
  6. Deep knowledge, ownership of AWS services, and capabilities.
  7. Possession of tools for optimization, automation, and performance improvement.

This list is long, especially since each company has its requirements for AWS cloud engineers. It all depends on the scope of work and its specifics.

The same cannot be said about personal qualities. Almost all companies in this regard select employees who can be responsible for their work and feel comfortable in a team.

AWS cloud computing engineer soft skills

The most important thing for an AWS cloud engineer is to understand that they should be a team player. That is, the ability to communicate is a mandatory skill for every specialist who works with AWS cloud systems.

Other personal qualities are equally important:

  1. Responsibility and understanding that one mistake can completely change the result of the work of many people.
  2. Learnability: cloud engineers never stop learning as changes and improvements happen almost every day in their field. To stay up to date, you need to follow all the innovations and trends.
  3. Attention to detail, even meticulousness: without this quality it is difficult to work as a cloud engineer.
  4. Ability to communicate with customers, so you need to be able to conduct a business dialogue.
  5. Stress resistance is important to minimize stress and emergencies. The ability to get it together at such a moment and bring the work to the end is an important personal quality.

No IT job description is complete without a list of hard and soft skills. The time of reclusive geniuses in programming has passed, so any IT specialist should be able to communicate, learn from others, and interact, otherwise it will be very hard to build a successful career.

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