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3 Interesting Ways to Use Ceiling Fans With You Home Décor

Does your ceiling fan look outdated in your modern home? Well, how about a change? Contemporary ceiling fans in India are designed to perfectly suit and enhance your modern-style homes. Ceiling fans have now become a staple in every Indian household.

How to Use Ceiling Fans for Cooling

Ways to Use Ceiling Fans

There are countless designer ceiling fans India available online and in stores to suit your interior or outdoor décor. Since the 1800s, the electric version of the fan has been around, and unique ceiling fans have been built over the years.

Rustic, vintage, or modern look, there’s a ceiling fan designed for almost every style. Designer ceiling fans in India are incorporated with light fixtures too, hence, they can be used as utility and decorative devices both.

Here are some ideas to use designer ceiling fans India with modern and contemporary decorative styles.

  • Do you have a monochrome theme planned for your living room? If yes, then opt for a ceiling fan in chrome and black with an etched light fixture that will look fantastic. But if you want a simple look, you can go for a three-blade ceiling fan in black or white color without any light fixture.
  • Pastel colorsgo well with white ceiling fans. When you are using pastels, it is important to maintain the balance of colors in a space. Otherwise, the design will look shabby.
  • For industrial-style décor, you can opt for ceiling fans in metal finishes with long blades. With high ceilings, you can efficiently use fans with large blade spans. In case you have a small living room, you can use small fans in chrome finish that feature unique designs such as retro elements and etched details on the body.
  • In case you prefer décor in earthy tones, use designer ceiling fans India in deep shades of brown. You can choose from cocoa and bronze finishes to black fans with understated elegance.
  • If your home décor features steel and metal elements, you can choose ceiling fans in nickel and chrome finishes.

Select a ceiling fan once you have finalized other design elements for your space. When it comes to a ceiling fan, treat it like any other design element. Luminous provides an assortment of designer ceiling fans India at an impressive cost. Some of the popular selections are.

Jaipur Gangaur Angaria White

Add the charm of royalty from the mid-century to your modern life. The white color blades give an aristocratic Jaipuri look to this fan that perfectly blends with several styles.

Jaipur Gangaur Angaria White

The design of this model is influenced by the traditional Gangaur festival. This designer ceiling fan India provides high air distribution and a high speed of 230 CMM.

Jaipur Mahal Tan Brown

This Jaipur Mahal Tan Brown fan adds a touch of royalty to your house. The design of the fan has been inspired by the traditional artistic interiors of the palace that bards about heroic battles.

Jaipur Mahal Tan Brown

The bottom cover of the fan has been designed with special ultra-violet metalizing for extra shine. With a sweep size of 1.3M, experience the air delivery at 230 CMM. Experience royalty in a modern way.

Rio Carnival Azul Aqua

Bring carnival vibes to your home with the Rio Carnival Azul Aqua. Dazzle up your dull ceiling with unique and colorful blade trims reflecting the carnival culture. It comes with wider blades for better air thrust.

Rio Carnival Azul Aqua

The wooden finish on the motor ring and blade trims through the advanced aqua process. With a sweep size of 1.2M, experience the air delivery at 230 CMM. Enjoy a colorful carnival affair.

Designer Ceiling Fans India are a great addition to any room. Modern-day fan designs can uplift your home. Reputable brands like Luminous offer an array of designer ceiling fans that can jazz up your dull ceiling and enhance the overall look of your house.

You can decide from the different styles, finish, and type of blades, and make a choice according to your needs.

Hurry up and get a designer ceiling fan for your house today!

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