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What to Pack First When Moving

Now you know that moving takes lots of efforts, proper planning and research. Being organized is very much important in moving.

If you are feeling stressed, it’s certainly because you are in dilemma of what to pack first and what next. Read this article to know what all things you should pack first.

Packing To Move House – Where To Start

What to Pack First When Moving

1] Items in Storage

You should pack your storage items first when you are moving. These items are easy to pack as they are already in some boxes.

It will not take your much time. Just make sure that you keep aside all those items from your storage area which you don’t want to carry with you. Try to keep fewer boxes.

2] China Dishes

As you are moving, so chances are very fewer that you will host a fancy dinner party at home during your move. So, it’s best to pack your china and other rarely used dishes first.

Make sure to pack these dishes carefully and label the boxes as ‘fragile items’. You can pack other cookware too. Spending your last few weeks using paper plates is not a big deal!

3] Artwork, Picture Frames and Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can be tricky to pack but are great to start your packing. Artworks are mostly used for decorations and you will not need decorating items during your move.

Moreover, people often forget to take down wall hangings and at the last minute, they start getting stressed. So, it’s better to put off all wall hangings and decorative items and pack them first when moving.

4] Books

Keep a few books with you for your travel journey and pack rest of the books first in boxes when you are moving. Don’t forget to return borrowed books to their respective owners (if any).

5] Extra Towels and Linens

Extra towels and linens should be packed first when you are moving. Plan and wash all your dirty towels and sheets and pack them. Keep your laundry basket empty and ready.

Packing To Move House

6] Knick-Knacks

Pack your knick-knacks first to protect them from any sort of breakage from the last minute hassle. You knick-knack are very special to you, so pack them properly and label them. Put these items in your priority list when you are packing things first when moving.

7] Out-Of-Season Clothes

Out-of-season clothes are like storage items. They may also be stored in boxes. These clothes do not need to be accessed in all seasons. So, it’s best to pack these clothes first and make the packing work a little light.

8] Specialized Tools and Equipment

Pack those tools and equipment which you think will not be in use much when you are moving. You can pack fishing hooks, climbing gears, sports equipment, electric drill, and etc. first when moving.

9] Games CDs and Other Hobby Materials

During your hectic move, you will not get enough time to enjoy your video games or use your hobby material things like paint brushes, colors, canvas, guitar, etc., so it’s better to pack your favorite things first.

10] Office Materials

Leave few pens, pencils and a notebook for noting down important things like contact detail of your builder or moving company and pack all of your office supplies first like paper, envelopes, staplers, etc. when you are moving.

Once you are done with packing all infrequently-needed items as described above, proceed with packing your jewelry, games, toiletries and other kinds of stuff which you will not use on a daily basis.


Pack your things as per the need. Don’t pack those stuff first which you will need till the very last moment of your moving. Make a list of things as per the rooms and then start packing. Start early to avoid any kind of hassle. Call for apartment movers when you are done with your early packing.

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