How to Use PayPal Securely on Your iPhone

Welcome Folks, as you all know that Paypal is a great medium to send and receive payments online so mostly everyone uses it to make payments online in the universe. Now a days we people don't have much time to use our laptops or computers as much as we spent time on our iPhone's ain't ...

How Big Is the Risk of Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime?

The risk of Cybercrime to businesses is serious. But how big is the risk really? Here are some of the main Cybercrimes you need to be aware of. Risk of Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime Risk of Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime? Hacking Hacking is a very subtle way for criminals to gain access to computer systems; that’s ...

How to Add PayPal Donate Button on Your WordPress Blog

Welcome Guys, today we are here with a one of the trending topic and a question mostly asked to people using Paypal Donate Button On WordPress Blogs, so to help users having troubles in adding Paypal button on their WordPress blogs we will today explain you about adding a Paypal donate button on your WordPress ...

Best Video Editor Software from iSkysoft

iSkysoft Video Editor Software: Welcome Folks, As you all know that these days making videos are getting much popular, some people have started using mobile apps like 'Dubsmash' to make funny videos what if i say you can make that video even better than the current. If you want to do something great like that ...

Safe File Downloads: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Computer Secure

You’re new to P2P file sharing, and you want to stay safe and legal. It’s an understandable concern. People who download illegal or infringing files and get caught often suffer at the hands of the copyright holder. In many cases, that means either hefty fines, jail time, or possibly both depending on the circumstances. Here’s ...

Decoding Google Search Operators For Webmasters

We’ve all heard of Google search operators, but how often do we use it? Use of Google search operators could mean the difference between working hard and working smart. And a good webmaster knows that smart work always leads to great results. Once you go through the infographic I’ve given below, you’ll surely make it ...
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