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The History of Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology – that’s a new concept, right? Well, no, actually. Technically, ‘wearable’ tech has been around for centuries. It all started with armour (it counts!) and progressed through the ages from a tiny, seven-rodded abacus developed as a finger ring in 16th century China, through to pocket watches and early prosthetics. Bringing us rightRead More…

Harshil BarotHarshil BarotHarshil BarotHarshil BarotHarshil Barot

The Top Four Headphones In The Market

Headphones In The Market

The Top Four Headphones In The Market, Headphones are a wonderful way to catch up with the latest music, minus all the external noise that otherwise ruins the experience. For music lovers, having the right headphones that deliver superior sound quality is important, especially nowadays when everyone is always on the go. In addition, these unitsRead More…