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Top 10 Best Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac PC

Everyone has their favorite song and they wish to render it in their own voice. Karaoke fulfills this dream of every bathroom singer, albeit, in a public place. Karaoke is the musical piece of any song devoid of vocals and with lyrics scrolling on the screen. It started in the 1970s and gained popularity with every passing decade. It is the primary source of entertainment in bars and pubs, where the customers lose their inhibition and let the singer in them free.

Top 10 Karaoke Software For Windows OS and MAC

Best Karaoke Softwares for Computers

Earlier the cost of karaoke machines, licencing, copyright etc. used to create a huge dent in the pockets of the pub owners. However, now, all that is required is a good quality microphone, a PC or Mac and a karaoke software. The best karaoke software for Windows and Mac are listed below.

Karafun Player for Windows

It has the simplest user interface and you can synchronize with the Karafun library. You can access tracks from your computer as well as those from a library of more than 10000 songs. You can also customize and save your favourite songs, sync them offline, change tempo and pitch, do live recording etc.

Through this software, you can play songs in any format (CD+G, MPEG or KAR). Though the app is free to download, the library access is slightly expensive at $5.99. It is available for Windows as well as mobile platforms.

Siglos Karaoke Professional for Windows

From changing tempo, to creating playlist, scanning karaoke songs and more; this software has the ability to do all that. It also has a huge database and adds a professional touch to the karaoke session and is more suitable for clubs or bars. However, it doesn’t have the best user interface and is quite steeply priced at $99 USD which doesn’t include any songs. Those have to be bought separately or you can play songs from your PC or YouTube directly.

Advanced Karaoke Player for Windows

One stop for all your media related problems. Advanced Karaoke Player helps manage all sorts of media files in a single location. Once you have converted your media files to a compatible extension, you can quickly access any of the songs.

One karaoke for Windows

One of the easiest software to use, it requires a low configuration computer. It supports most of the popular media files like avi, dat, kar, mpg, wma, wmv etc. It boasts of an intuitive UI and can be operated by keyboard or infra-red remote control. It can organize your songs as per your liking and doesn’t require complicated admin tools to handle it.

PC DJ Karaoke for Windows

A simple user interface and support of all file formats including zipped file make this, a popular software for karaoke sessions. Additional features include Song Book DB, background music and providing an enriching karaoke experience. Another plus point is that it offers a cloud based online library of more than 10000 songs. The downside is that it is slightly expensive.

Top Karaoke Software In 2017

KJams for Mac

Best karaoke software for Mac, it offers a UI similar to that of iTunes. With the help of this software, you can download any song and sing it in karaoke format. You can also transfer that karaoke version to your iPhone or iPod. It supports Apple Remote control and also has a built in music collection.

Tune Prompter for Mac

This allows you to create karaoke tunes and send them to your iPhone or iPod as well as burn them on disks. It also allows automatically to search for lyrics. It has an easy interface and is absolutely free.

iStar for Mac

An extremely simple UI makes it quite popular with Mac OS X users. It can import and convert any type of file including those from CD and compile a genre specific playlist. It is a free alternative for casual users.

Aria for Mac

This is a simple UI which provides you with genuine karaoke experience. It compiles your favourite songs for a hassle free selection. It has editing options available, an online music store, as well as a DJ or Scratch mode.

QMIDI V2.0 for Mac

It can organise, support and play different media files. Its features include sound mixer, real time pitch shifting, full screen display, time stretching and great UI. You can make and synchronise your playlist. 🙂

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