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Complete Managed EDI Services Explained

What is EDI?

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange, a complex of technical and software means to promote electronic exchange of documents and information between various business and governmental institutions.

Examples of document interchange facilitated by EDI technologies include, but are not limited to: VAT reporting, purchase orders acknowledgement, shipping and delivery notices, electronic invoices, EDI orders processing, and more.

Complete Managed EDI Services

End-to-end EDI integration allows for straightforward sending and receiving of important business information to and from corresponding agencies. Plus, thanks to automated document processing, many routine procedures become trivial and streamlined, so you enjoy increased effectiveness of your business.

When working with the government through the GSA contract vehicle, you can also benefit from managed EDI services.

What are Managed EDI services

Instead of putting a lot of your own time and resources into organizing and managing the EDI order processing system within your company, you can instead rely on managed EDI services offered by third-party companies, such as Price Reporter.

Complete managed EDI services allow you to redistribute your resources to focus on your business strategy and principal activities, instead of manual fine-tuning of every single bit of GSA EDI orders management.

EDI for GSA: Overview of Services

So, what can you get with GSA EDI integration? Let’s see.

Streamlined workflow

Electronic Data Interchange simplifies processing of orders by eliminating the need to deal with traditional paper documents. And the GSA provides extensive support for EDI XML import and export, so you don’t have to worry about compliance either.

Speed up your government interaction

Focus on your real work, not on preparing documents. With EDI, you can submit VAT reports, receive purchase orders and work with invoices through the GSA EDI Gateway. Every transaction takes minutes at the most, so you can start processing an order right off the bat.

Automation for extra efficiency

EDI orders are automated, so there’s little space for human mistakes. Secure digital channels allow for safe exchange of documents, and a number of handy tools at your disposal allow composing and signing typical documents and purchase orders in a click.

Fully managed EDI services by Price Reporter include:

  • Support for all federal selling platforms: GSA Advantage, eBuy, FedMall.
  • EDI integration with major distributors.
  • Natural integration to your accounting system.
  • Management of EDI codes.
  • Monitoring and managing GSA compliance.


If you are either a current or a new GSA contractor, you should really consider managed EDI services as a way to automate your government sales, and achieve better accuracy, reduce costs and streamline the workflow. Contact Price Reporter for more information.

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