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Is DevOps An Amazing Career In 2022?

In times like these, the demand for DevOps has increased even more within the market and thus the demand for a skilled DevOps team has increased too.

Nowadays, almost every other company has started to or is at least thinking of implementing cloud services, for this purpose they require professionals who know how to get things done. So, if you are a person with an IT background then now is the time to start learning DevOps.

Our today’s topic is all about understanding whether or not DevOps is an amazing career in 2022. To answer that, DevOps has for sure a promising future as it offers numerous solutions to IT problems.


And there is no doubt over the fact that DevOps experts are not only highly paid but dedicated as well. It is a great approach that is now being adopted by multiple IT companies for giving out reliable and faster solutions to their clients.

Before we dive deeper into understanding whether or not DevOps is an amazing career in 2022, let us first understand in detail what DevOps is.

If you already know what DevOps is then you can skip this part and move to the one where we will be talking in detail about this career path. And those who don’t know what DevOps is should continue reading in sequence.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is known to be an approach that combines the work of both the development team and IT team for collaborating throughout the entire software development cycle.

The aim here is to put the entire team on the same page. DevOps aims to help shorten the duration of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). It also ensures the software is delivered in high quality.

To dig deeper, DevOps allows multiple roles like development, quality engineering, IT operations, and security to collaborate meticulously and then produce better and high-quality products.

When you adopt the DevOps culture along with the tools and practices, the chances of your team gaining the ability to respond better to the customer’s needs get high. It also increases the team’s confidence in building their application and achieving the goals faster.

Is it a stable career?

To answer that, you would be surprised to know businesses across the globe are now switching over to the DevOps related technologies and practices; the reason is continuous integration and delivery of the software products and services.

As the companies are in a race to stay one step ahead of others and seek DevOps-related technologies, the demand for DevOps experts is increasing for sure, and that too to a drastic extent.

Leading search portals have also witnessed a rise in listings of DevOps jobs. Even the social media sites like LinkedIn have recorded a 50% increase in mention of DevOps as a very important skill.

Similarly, DevOps has been quite a popular choice now. According to Forbes magazine, if you are a DevOps specialist having only a basic degree, you can still earn a median wage of $106,734.

Now, who wouldn’t want to earn a six-figure salary right? With DevOps, you can make this happen. But yes your salary would mostly depend on the role you are given and where you work.

Researchers have also stated that DevOps is going to be the main hiring criteria in 46% of the IT companies in the upcoming years. So you better gear up and start learning all about DevOps.

Is it a challenging career?

If a career is rewarding doesn’t mean there are no hurdles or challenges along the way. Yes, DevOps is for sure a very rewarding career, but it is challenging as well.

Even at the most basic level, you need to take full ownership of the roles and responsibilities given to you. With that, you must be capable enough to innovate as a technical solution provider.

Now meeting this kind of challenge requires a lot of hard work, determination, and of course industry-recognized training in DevOps. So you must evaluate everything before getting into this field and make your mind to work hard and stay updated on the latest information or trends in DevOps. Only then will you be able to outshine others.

Statistics stating the demand of DevOps practitioners:

Now comes the most important part where we state some statistics showing the demand forDevOps practitioners. So all those readers who are planning to start a career in DevOps should pay special attention to the fact that there is a huge demand for DevOps practitioners. And if you don’t believe us then these stats would make you believe.

  • A survey from CondinGame in the year 2021 has revealed that DevOps practitioners are the most in-demand developers.
  • A report by the Linux Foundation and edX states that DevOps professionals are now considered to be the most sought-after job role. And as per the statement by the IT leaders in this report, we found out that 65% of the companies hired more DevOps personnel in the year 2018.
  • Edureka states DevOps to be one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the year 2021 and their salaries averaging to $114,000 per year.
  • Moreover, Indeed states DevOps is in the top 20 in-demand IT jobs offering an average salary of $125,000 per year.

We believe the above statistics and details should be enough for any reader to understand that DevOps is an amazing career in 2022.

Therefore if you are interested in automation or DevOps framework or better being in charge of infrastructure, then a career in DevOps is for you. Therefore start your journey to become a DevOps professional today and never stop learning.

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