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5 Reasons Why OxygenOS Is Best Version of Android

OnePlus has won the hearts of the Indians in a short time. Today, it is a top-selling premium smartphone brand, and it is all due to these three factors: design, affordability, and OxygenOS.

And, it is especially the highly customised version of the Android, OxygenOS, that has enabled the premium smartphone brand to stand out in the crowded Android-based smartphone market in the country.


Exclusively developed by OnePlus for its smartphones, OxygenOS has been “meticulously refined” to offer users a seamless experience. Thanks to its innovative features and optimizations, you will find that everything is much smoother and faster on OnePlus phones compared to other Android smartphones.

The company rolled out OxygenOS 10.0 update for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T smartphones based on Android 10 in December of 2019, and there are already plans afoot to launch OxygenOS 11 based on the upcoming Android 11.

1] Difference between Other AndroidOS and OxygenOS

OxygenOS has a striking look that is pleasing to the eyes, which immediately distinguishes it from the dull and boring Android stock, the most basic OS developed by Google. Its interface is easier to use and navigate; and there are plenty of utilities and tools offered by OnePlus’ modified version of Android as well.

It includes Reading Mode, Gaming Mode, and the Zen Mode, which enables you to put your phone on the lockdown mode for a certain amount of time.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the Gaming Mode allows you to put a stop on the irritating notifications so that your focus is completely on winning the game. You don’t get these modes on the Android OS offered by other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

OnePlus has considerably modified stock Android and designed an operating system that is a much superior version of it. Moreover, the OxygenOS continues to set the standard for other custom versions of Android, with its focus on innovative features, speed, and refinement.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons why OxygenOS is the best version of Android.

2] Customisation Options

The OxygenOS offers robust customisation options, enabling you to make changes as per your need and style preference. You can choose from a range of themes that include options such as dark, light, and colourful. Also you can change the accent colour and make the experience of using OnePlus phone more visually pleasing.

There is an Ambient Display option as well. It offers you easy access to the clock and time widgets, and you are allowed to pick one of the clock faces and set a display message on the screen. OxygenOS also lets you customise the LED notifications for several actions, including for showing battery status (low, full, or charging).

3] Fast and Smooth Performance

The OxygenOS makes the OnePlus smartphone perform fast and smooth. It is much quicker and snappier compared to its competitors on the market. You will find that because of this Android-based operating system, your device’s Apps load quickly, the animation time is significantly reduced, and the refresh rate of the display is 90Hz.

Moreover, the navigation is fluid, which makes the functions and transitions smooth. OxygenOS enhances stock Android with more than 370 tweaks and optimisations to offer you the benefit of incredible smoothness and responsiveness.

4] Seamless Navigation

The gesture functionality of OxygenOS offers you an “amazingly” seamless navigation experience. You can easily navigate using certain gestures. If you want to go to the home screen, you have to swipe up from the bottom-middle of the device screen; and in case you want to go back, swipe from the left or the right side.

You can access your recently opened apps by swiping up and holding briefly. It is also easy to access the Google Assistant. You just have to swipe from the bottom left/right corner to activate it. These and other gestures make your OnePlus smartphone more appealing and user-friendly.

5] Useful & Unique Features

OxygenOS is the best version of Android out there, and it is because it is bloat-free and reliable, and its customisations are great.

Moreover, it comes with an array of unique features, including App Locker, Zen mode, Gaming mode, Shelf, and more. With App Locker, you can provide more protection to your data-sensitive apps. This feature lets you lockdown/open such apps using a PIN or fingerprint scanner.

Shelf, on the other hand, offers you a personalised space, which enables you to take memos, add widgets, get a weather update, gain quick access to the most-used apps, and more.

Gaming mode allows you focus on the game by blocking all the notifications except calls and alarms, while Zen mode provides you the much-needed digital detox option.

You can put your device into a lockdown status using Zen mode and take a break from the digital world for some time. OnePlus offers the best experience to its users thanks to these useful features.

6] Work-Life Balance Mode

OxygenOS also puts an end to the never-ending discussion on how to balance work and personal life in the age of smartphones. Its Work-Life Balance mode feature on OnePlus devices allows you to separate both the important part of your life.

You can do that by sorting notifications as per your work and personal life. Assign the apps that you need for work to Work Mode, and others to the Life Mode; and OxgenOS will automate them according to the location, WiFi networks, and schedule.

So, once you have set up the two modes on your OnePlus device, you can relax and not worry about your personal life disturbing your work, and vice versa.


OxygenOS has made the experience of using an Android-based Smartphone much simpler and exciting. Also, its innovative features and optimisations have helped OnePlus become the most preferred premium brand in India’s smartphone market.

If you encounter issues while using your device, do contact a reputable OnePlus repair center and get the issue fixed.

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