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Saving Time With The Cloud – Cloud Computing

Saving Time with the Cloud, A lot has been made about how you can protect your files with cloud computing. Since they are not exclusively stored on a local hard drive, you have access to them even after a computer or a server fails. You can get backup copies so that they are never lost. You also get to use firewalls and encryption programs that help to keep them safe. While all of this is good, it is also good not to overlook one other important aspect of the cloud, which is the fact that it can be used to save you time.

Saving Time With The Cloud

Saving Time With The Cloud:

When you check out a site like or something similar, you’ll see that you can use the cloud to access the files that you upload from anywhere. You do not have to be at the original terminal where you did the upload. As long as your computer can connect to the internet, allowing you to log in, you can get to those files to read them, edit them, or even delete them.

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This saves you tons of time at work because you do not have to waste time running in to the office just to work on your files. You can use them at home, from the airport, or from the hotel. If you just need to get some files quickly for a presentation, for example, you never need to go to the computer where they were written to put them on a disc or a flash drive. You can just download them onto your laptop and have them right at your disposal. You can also access the cloud with your tablet or your smartphone, so you can even get to the files when you do not have a computer anywhere near you.

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This does not just save you time, but it can save the whole company time. Your employees will all reap these benefits, saving them incredible amounts of travel. Some of them may even be able to telecommute on a regular basis, all without missing a beat, so that they can work from anywhere in the world that they desire to be.

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