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Steps To Take For Car Rental In Spain

Many international travelers choose car rental as their mode of transportation and, in fact, opt for a one-way rental to have the freedom to see as much of the country as they choose without the inconvenience of needing to return to a specific entry point.

With one-way options, visitors can go from one destination to another, dropping the vehicle off at a different site with only a minimal difference in fees.

Spain boasts among the most accessible travel destinations to maneuver by leiebil Spania, or car rental services in Spain, making up your own adventure as you go.

How to Rent a Car in Spain

The roads are of high quality, car bookings are simplistic with online services available, and the tourist industry is well developed with their scope to focus efforts on catering to the interaction traveler.

All of that plus the countryside is simply stunning with so much to take in and experience that often one trip is not enough. It is vital to know the routes you intend to travel ahead of time, especially if you won’t be sticking with the main roadways that connect to the larger cities.

That also means connecting with a GPS system, an option most car rental companies offer with some of their vehicle options. It’s also wise to be selective when choosing your car since much of the roadways, especially in the towns, are narrow and steep since the country is exceptionally mountainous.

An experienced driver will do well, but someone not accustomed to these roadways will do better with an easier handling car, especially with the understanding that operating a vehicle is slightly different. You’ll be driving on the right side of the road and probably a manual transmission.

How Do Tourists Rent A Car In Spain

Traveling to Spain is something many people worldwide have on their bucket list. The country is astonishingly stunning, and the idea of renting a car simply to explore the charming villages and towns is exciting, to say the least. Still, many people are unsure what the process entails or what to expect when they arrive to pick up the vehicle.

With the possibility for language barriers to pose a problem with communication, it’s wise to do as much planning ahead of time as possible by working online to schedule as much of the rental and gain the most knowledge on the rules and regulations regarding the car hire and driving laws as possible. Once these things are taken care of, the rest of the process should be relatively straightforward.

When picking up a car upon arrival at the rental company, they will require your booking verification, driver’s license, the primary driver’s credit card (name on the card), and passport, plus any other pertinent information as deemed necessary by the specific car rental company.

The most common location travelers use to pick up is the airport since it’s convenient and easy. The steps you’ll follow include.

Greeting upon arrival

In an airport location, a staff member of the rental company will meet you in what references as the “arrival hall” fresh from the baggage area. An employee will hold a sign with your name on it to take you to the rental office to complete the contract and provide you with the car’s keys.


When you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to locate the rental desk on your own in the arrival hall. After finding the main desk, you will provide your documentation and follow through with the hiring process. Often in this scenario, there’s a line to work your way through.


There are occasions where the company site will be outside the airport itself, often reachable by walking, but a majority of the time, you’ll need the services of a shuttle bus requiring you to locate the bus stop inside the terminal.

When you make the booking, this will be provided to you. Many rental services use the same shuttle company, but many have their own bus. Pay attention to your car hire company name to ensure you have the right bus.


Pickup like this is like the greeting scenario but is less time-consuming since you won’t need to go to the supplier’s facility to sign the documentation.

Renting Center

In the arrival hall (or a separate building or different terminal area), you’ll find other companies sharing a location with your provider.

After the company representative goes over your documentation and checks for your deposit amount on your credit card, you can then obtain the car keys and have an escort to the vehicle, typically in a nearby lot.

The check-out form is a document that needs signing after you and the company go over the car to notate any damages or scratches on the automobile. Ensure to look the car over thoroughly and notate any signs of damage to avoid repercussions for things that were not your fault before you sign the form.

This form also designates the mileage and how much fuel is available at pickup. The recommendation is to take clear photos of the entire vehicle inside and out before taking possession (date and time stamped), with the odometer showing the starting mileage and fuel level. That is for your benefit and protection.

Learn where the car should be dropped off and directions to find the location. Generally, it will be the same place.

When returning, you should go over the vehicle with the representative, ensuring all belongings are out of the car and that everything is as it was when picked up. You want to make sure the form states the automobile was returned in the same condition as when picked up.

Final Thought

When choosing to travel to another country, it can be a bit overwhelming attempting to get all the details in line, plus intimidating being unfamiliar with the language plus the laws and regulations of the region.

At least booking a car rental far enough ahead online can help make the process somewhat more convenient and allow a straightforward approach once you arrive.

While you might still have some nerves when picking up the car, having all the adequate documentation will make things smooth and easy.

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