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Laid Back Ways to Earn Extra Income Online

Ways to Make Extra Money Online: Lots of people have jobs but not all of them earn enough to live a comfortable life. Many are forced to take on part-time work to make ends meet, amass savings, or otherwise escape the danger zone of being one missed check away from homelessness. On top of a career and family with their own host of obligations and responsibilities, who has the motivation to take on another stress-inducing experience throughout the week?

How to Earn Extra Income Online

Earn Extra Income Online

Make Extra Money Online

Here’s the deal: part-time moneymaking doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are an assortment of opportunities available online and/or through mobile apps which make for a relatively relaxing way to earn extra income online each month. Consider the following ideas:

Tech Support

The thought of spending evenings in a call center is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Fortunately these days thanks to VoIP technology most customer service centers have been dismantled altogether. Companies prefer instead to sync remote workers together through Web-based services and software to cut down on overhead. What this means for the person looking to make spare money is that they can be paid to take tech support calls at home once they’ve been trained on whichever product or service is being called about. One minute you’re folding laundry the next you’re helping someone navigate their Web browser on the other side of the country all the while making money.

Ride sharing

Individuals who own a qualifying vehicle for ride sharing ought to give it a chance at least once, no matter how hurt or not you are for more money. If you drive, why not drive other people to where they need to be? Services such as Uber and Lyft are gaining traction in cities across the world and for good reason: convenience. Tap the app when you’re ready to take fares and tap it again when you want to call it a night. No cash or transactions of any kind are conducted in the vehicle – money is deposited directly in driver bank accounts once every week. Keep a clean car, offer bottled water (which can be written off at the end of the year.) and watch extra money stream via mobile app.

Online Sales

Do you like to bargain hunt? Are you an avid believer in one person’s trash being someone else’s treasure? If so then give online sales a serious shot. New items such as clothing are often times regional and thus net profit can be gained by buying a discounted leather coat in Atlanta in late-April and selling it to someone in North Dakota. Antique, collectible, and vintage items can be a surprisingly lush source of income if it’s rare enough and posted online for a world market. We all know the profit margins are mostly low, but the once-a-year $1000 at-once item flip is what keeps those in online sales from giving up. Ultimately it’s a go-at-your-own pace way to earn money online without answering to a boss, which suits many people just fine.


Paid to read? Really? Yes, it’s true. Media companies, literary houses, and other industries where creative projects get ran through a development wringer are always looking for part-timers to pore over scripts, manuscripts, short stories, essays, and other potential masterpieces. This kind of work can be done just about anywhere there’s light for reading. It requires a keen ability to not only know what’s good and what isn’t, but also a willingness to read lengthy and oftentimes not-that-great of material. No matter what, it’s certainly not a job where lives are on the line or quick thinking required.

Part-time jobs don’t have to be an extension of an already stressful day at the office or in the field. They can be relatively relaxing and even fun at times. Thanks to the Internet, mobile apps, and other aspects of modern technology it’s never been easier to find the laid back job opportunities perfectly suited for your skills, style, and schedule. 🙂

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