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5 Best YouTube Tools for Windows to Make YouTube Work Wonders for You

YouTube is a large storehouse for all the videos: from amazing and mimimi cats to online courses on foreign languages. Windows users have an opportunity to explore an immense number of YouTube tools, download YouTube videos, convert them to MP3 and perform other magic. So, to become the wizard of YouTube use the following tips and tools.

YouTube Tools

YouTube Tools for Windows


TubeChop is a useful tool for cutting videos. You watch a video and like it, you want to share it, but the video happens to be too long.Then you can turn to TubeChop. It will chop the most picturesque moments like a precise knife. You need only to visit the website and enter the URL. Then select the time period. And now you will be able to share the moment you need with your friends and be sure that they will get your message!

YouTube to MP3 Boom

YouTube to MP3 Boom is an audio must for every YouTube fan. It lets you convert your favorite videos into none the less adorable MP3s. Download the soft program and then copy-past the YouTube link containing required video into the search link. Or just type the name of the video here without visiting YouTube itself. Then click on the arrow and get excited with the result. Your favorite music pieces will be always at hand in your headphones or when you are offline. Well, don’t hesitate to use this tool if you need to create audio files out of your favorite videos.

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Dragontape is a video mixing tool. When your need to join several videos into one, it will help you. For example, your purpose is to combine your favorite music video moments. Then copy-past the first video into the line on the website. Put the needed shots on the video line which is very user-friendly. Do the same with the second-third-and soon videos and at the end save your creation. With Dragontape you don’t need to bother your head with installations and downloading, so it is a tool for quick Windows magicians who are heading for a fast result.

YouTube Tools

Viral Video Chart

Viral Video Chart is a tool that shows mostly-ranked and shared YouTube videos. It has different popularity categories: most popular over the last 24 hours, the last week, the last month and the best videos of all the time. It’s possible to watch full statistics over the video, share it or comment. The data is fresh and updated every day. This tool will come useful for bloggers who are writing about YouTube ratings. And for just interested people who explore hot charts and want to stay in touch with the latest YouTube news.

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YouTube Doubler

With YouTube Doubler you can play two videos at the same time. Just enter both URLs and compare the videos. This tool is especially great when you need to tell the difference of two YouTube movies. Or you are simply a Julius Caesar. A very busy Julius Caesar.

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