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Want to know How Famous is YouTube?

When we think of video, the first thing that comes to our mind is YouTube. Perhaps, you are no exception to this. It’s no wonder, given the upper hand of the video platform that calls on to YouTube leg –up other video platforms.

According to a study made by AYTM Market Research, nearly 65% of internet users in US visit at least once a week. This institute also had a look on the number of internet users who have use other sites to watch a video. Approximately 37% of such users say that they don’t prefer any other site than You Tube to watch videos.

how famous is YouTube?

How Famous is YouTube?

Facebook though very popular doesn’t hold a candle against the YouTube’s dominance. It has much lower viewers especially when it comes to video watching. The ubiquity of YouTube across the Google sites and its easy integration on some other content-stuffed platforms adds to its popularity.

YouTube adds some black bars automatically which helps them to display the videos correct with no stretching or cropping. They have adopted the strategy of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.” This policy has definitely helped them to get real YouTube views grow exponentially. YouTube owners have uploaded a video in 2008, “The Birds and the Biz” which claimed that they don’t use any “magic formula” to increase their traffic. But as Papa Bear says – the actual truth is that the YouTubers “never really know what crazy new thing will be next”.

how famous is YouTube?

The Brand Playbook which is the creators of YouTube uses reveal the tools created by its content creators to help the brands as they continue to improve their marketing strategies which will resonate with the consumers of 21st century. They create a content plan to assure themselves that it meets both the brand’s goals and keep their targeted audience continuously engaged. They upload compelling videos which no viewers can neglect and create a loyal fanbase.

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Youtube has a lot of content which help the viewers to choose from. Their successful optimization strategy helps them to avoid any type of execution mistakes. YouTube has also become the victim of many controversial issues. In its early days, the videos that were uploaded were mainly related with amazing stunts and hilarious pranks. But along with it, it also includes now debates on political issues, instructional videos, musical performances and war footages. They also upload TV shows which are really a centre of attraction to many people especially housewives.

It has established partnerships with many television studios such as BBC, NBC and CBS. Many notable celebs like Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey have joined this site. The real YouTube views also help to increase social awareness among people by uploading social videos. To sum up, the main reason for the worldwide popularity of You Tube is that they “Create content that is unique, compelling, entertaining or informative.”

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