3 Advantages of Starting a Theme Blog

A theme blog ? What you mean huh! Yes I mean a theme blog 🙂 let me explain.We all have a blog and we care them like our child we feed them with traffic , we decorate them , we write content on them and we make money out of them :p so while making a blog you need some resources like a hosting a theme and yes a platform too.But where can we get these resources ? From the World Wide Web right ? Hell yeah and there are websites which provide free as well as paid themes , it’s working kinda like an Ecosystem we get paid and they get paid and we all get paid aha now I’m going to teach how to get paid with a theme blog .

Advantages Starting Theme Blog

Advantages of Starting a Theme Blog

A theme blog means a website or a blog where you share your themes for free to get Backlinks or paid to make money out of it.Some people share some paid themes with their affiliate link and get paid for affiliate sales. Since a month I’m watching the trend happening with those theme blogs and to be frank they are making big money damn sure 🙂

So he it goes the facts 😉

Pageviews ! I mean Impressions

You may wonder the difference between pageviews and impressions to be more clear if an ad company is asking you the impressions then your pageviews are your impressions.Impressions  is the number of times your ad is shown to the readers.Simple ! So what I’m coming to say is that you can make big money with advertisement on a theme blog.But I’m damn sure that making money from ads on other niches are not as easy but on this case it’s easy. The main reason behind the page views is that these theme blogs work like a magazine where the users will check each and every theme to find the best one hence they get a lot of pageviews in a day 🙂 More the page views more the CTR more the $ with Adsense aha! Here a small detail | I can see a lot of new themes which is published on theme forest is marketing their theme with Adsense so the chance of click is high when your readers are watching those ads 🙂

Especially buysellads is approving a good amount of theme blog and a lot of ad space more than 10 ad space are sold out every month on these theme blogs. 🙂 that’s great


Affiliate Marketing

This is a small topic you can cover up on theme blogs, but at the same time you can become a rich guy easily with this.Especially the theme services like Themeforest , Elegant themes are having a minimum commission rate of 40% to even 70% so you can earn a good amount of money every month as well as you can easily get good conversions if your traffic is going great 🙂 Many theme services are developing theme coupons like mythemeshop coupon to get more conversion rates 🙂

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Link Selling

If you are running a theme blog where you are selling your own themes then keep in mind you have some great opportunities to make big money online. If your themes are having good download rate then you can easily charge $2000 for accepting others link on your blog. So its time to start a new theme blog right hah 🙂 please let me know if you have some doubts

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