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Top 8 Manufacturers of Air Purifiers

The global home air purifier market, according to market research, is fragmented, with regional and international suppliers competing. However, companies like  Honeywell, HisoMedical Philips, Sharp, and Coway are the major players in the air purifier industry.

The key markets for these multinational players include North America and Western Europe, as well as some regions of APAC, such as Japan, South Korea, China, India, and Australia. Some of these manufacturers sell their items through e-retailers, while others sell them directly through their own websites.

Air Purifier & Air Filter Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Air Purifiers

Before jumping to any conclusion and saying that “this” company is the best, we would like to tell you more about the top air purifier manufacturers in the world.


This well-known American company has been around for almost a century and is headquartered in North Carolina. Aerospace, building technologies, and safety performance materials and technologies, and productivity solutions are among the company’s areas of business.

HEPA filters are used in Honeywell air purifiers to catch allergies, bacteria, and other particles. A variety of purifiers with washable permanent filters is also available from the company.


Air disinfection and purification machines are the specialties of HisoMedical air purifier manufacturer named HisoAir. They provide a complete and customized solution, from product design to final manufacturing, based on their more than 15 years of experience in the field. HisoMedical, as a reputable air purifier manufacturer, offers a variety of air purifier options that may be tailored to your target market and usage circumstances.

Sharp Corporation

Sharp is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells telecommunications, electric, and electronic components. Japan has been the headquarters of Sharp since 1912. Large and small appliances, solar cells, LCD TVs, beauty equipment, audio equipment, phones, and other items are among the company’s offerings.

Sharp makes air purifiers that use both HEPA and Plasmacluster technology, the latter of which is the company’s own technology that uses extremely concentrated amounts of ions to filter the air and provide extra benefits. Sharp air purifiers include humidifying capabilities and sophisticated controls in some models.


Philips is a multinational corporation that produces products and solutions in the healthcare, consumer health, and home care sectors.

It was founded in the Netherlands in 1891 and has grown from a small electrical manufacturer to a multinational corporation that produces products and solutions in the healthcare, consumer health, and home care sectors.

An active carbon filter and a HEPA filter are used in the company’s air purifiers. Philips also sells connected air purifiers that come with an app that allows customers to track allergy levels, reduce them, and view historical data.


Coway has activities in Japan, China, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, and the United States, with its headquarters in South Korea.

The firm claims to have Asia’s largest Research and Development Center of its sort. Coway and AIRMEGA air purifiers are both manufactured by the company. The brand focuses on producing clean water solutions in addition to air purification. Their air purifiers’ air filtration processes are up to industry standards.

They employ an Activated Carbon filter for deodorization and a True HEPA filter to trap the tiniest particles that cause allergies, asthma symptoms, and breathing issues.


The company claims to have a 55-year history, dating back to 1963 in Germany. IQAir works hard to provide its customers the best air purifiers in the market. With years of experience, IQAir has improved its air purifier to a level that no other air purifier can match.

You can also watch the advertising ads of IQAir’s president – Frank Hammes stepped into a smoke chamber with only one IQAir air purifier beside him – to see how powerful IQAir’s air filters are. This air purifier is worth every penny you spend for a complete set of air filtration.


Blueair is a business that offers a wide range of air purifiers to fit any budget. From the budget-friendly Blue Pure to the high-end Blueair Pro XL, there’s something for everyone. In nations with significant levels of pollution, such as China or India, this air purifier brand is quite popular.

Blueair is a Swedish air purifier manufacturer that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Blueair has extremely high CADR and ACH ratings, showing the air purifier’s capacity. At its highest volume, the sound is extremely powerful, but at its lowest volume, there is hardly no sound.

Austin Air Systems

Austin Air Systems designs and produces air filtration systems for consumers and healthcare facilities in the United States and around the world. The company, which is based in Buffalo, New York, manufactures everything in-house.

HEPA filters, activated carbon, and other filter materials are used in the company’s air purifiers. Austin Air has machines for pet owners, allergy sufferers, and medical facilities.


As you discovered, certain air purifier manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop high-quality air cleaners that remove the greatest quantity of pollutants from indoor air.

If you choose a device from one of these air purifier manufacturers, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a top-of-the-line air cleaner with glowing user reviews and professional endorsements.

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