Bitcoin Is the New Digital Asset: People’s Court In China


While the entire world is finding it difficult to deal with the worldwide COVID -19, which the US claims to have been created in a lab in Wuhan, China. Meanwhile, while it has been trying to deal with the loss of lives and the loss of the economy and finance from the country still tries to run a normal life.

Bitcoin Is a Digital Asset

In the time when bitcoins are being specially brought out, while the Chinese public Court shows rays of hope calling bitcoin an asset. Most have found it difficult to figure out where all of it had started. If you are willing to invest in bitcoin trading then visit prime advantage login.

Before the story is revealed of the fact that the bitcoins are called the new digital asset, some very important information left to be discussed. In the past few years, the investors have continuously tried to make every government and the world believe that bitcoin is a real asset.

They have also repeatedly tried to make everyone understand that a portfolio containing a bitcoin investment is supposed to be a balanced portfolio.

In past years also the regular bitcoin investors have said the bitcoin is the digital gold and it seems to be going to be the confirmed digital asset very soon.

How did it all happen in China?

Well, when the Chinese public’s court made this announcement, many were seemed to have been in shock and many have found it really amazing that the government likes to announce it as a digital asset.

The entire process started with a robbery in China that was taken up to the Public’s court. There was an international marries couple in Shanghai, China, who were robbed from there apartment itself.

They have been robbed by 4 people in their apartment itself, in the year 2018. The robbers were clever enough to make them transfer all their cryptocurrency to the account of the robber’s head.

The hearing of this court took place in the Shanghai Public Court, while the four of the robbers were held and were taken to the court.

On the first hearing, the 4 robbers were ready to return all the bitcoins that were obtained by the couple before the robbery. The international couple obtained some of the bitcoins and also some of the bitcoins and some sky coins too.

After hearing to the robbers the government decided to jail the robbers for 6 months to 8 months for such criminal offense.

Along with it, the court had also ordered that if the guilty party that is the 4 of the robbers fail to return the bitcoins they will have to pay the couple the same amount in real hard cash. So it is better that they return the bitcoins of the entire amount stolen from the couple in Shanghai.

However the 4 robbers refused to agree to this verdict, they re-appealed saying the value of the Chinese currency is much higher than that of a bitcoin.

The robbers were pretty clear about their appeal and they have also said that the Chinese government does not consider the bitcoins and the Skycoins to be legal, hence the couple can not claim for the return of the cash of the same amount in Chinese currency. There according to the Chinese Government the couple can not request real money in place of crypto.

However, after 2 long years of fight the couple could not win the case, although the court has asked the robbers to return all their bitcoins.

There has been similar cases in Chine in the past hence the court decides and announces bitcoin to be a virtual asset for the bitcoin holders.

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