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Camouflage Your IP Address with TorGuard

Whenever you are online on the net, there is always a risk of your exposure to malware or unwanted hackers who try to access your private information. This could cause you many problems as the private information that the hackers are trying to access could be your bank information or your credit card information. If you want to protect yourself against all these, you need to use a VPN. Among all the VPNs available in the market, the master of them all is clearly.

Camouflage Your IP Address

What does TorGuard do?

Whenever you are active on the internet, you have a trace on you. This trace could help people with the right resources to trace all your online activity. This could be harmful to you as some material that you download over the net might be copyrighted and this could be grounds for legal prosecution. What TorGuard does is, it makes sure that this trace is completely removed from the web. So anything that you do over the net will be private i.e. Anonymous Proxy VPN is provided.

How can you hide your IP address?

If you are an active user of torrent files, you will know that just as you can see the IP address of other users, your IP address is also out in the open. This could be a problem sometimes as the usage of torrents is restricted in certain countries. Using TorGuard, you can make sure that your original IP address never comes out in the open.

How does it happen?

TorGuard, as already said removes all kinds of traces on you so that you go total incognito over the web. Also, it routes your traffic through 60+ sock5 servers in over 6 countries. Thus, others using torrents will only see a dummy IP address instead of your original one.


TorGuard uses the most advanced encryption standards, namely the 256 bit AES Encryption standard. This kind of encryption is very hard to crack as it employs a 256 bit key. So, the possibility of stumbling upon the right key is pretty weak as the number of attempts will be enormous.

What package does TorGuard offer for this very purpose?

TorGuard has an excellent package called the Torrent Proxy package. The price comes to $5.95 a month. This package is for those who share files as torrents using a bit torrent or a utorrent client. This package comes along with the instructions to configure the client software. For people that do not want to configure their own client, a preconfigured client is also available.

Features of TorGuard:

  • Excellent 24×7 customer service that even gives live chat support.
  • Free 24 hour trial period for your satisfaction.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Comes as an app for Android and IOS platforms.
  • Free Viscosity and TorGuard Lite softwares.


From my experiences, I would say that TorGuard VPN service is the best among other Unblocked Proxy Server softwares and once you buy it, there will be no regrets. TorGuard works solely for customer satisfaction and ensures that your safety is maintained throughout as long as you are over the internet.

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