14+ Best Happy Birthday Meme and Funny Happy BDay Images

Are you looking for most popular funniest happy birthday memes? Birthdays are a time for fun, frolic, games, and parties. But nothing is ever complete without the love and affection of our dear friends and family members.

Some people have loving families who dote on each other and are full of love (holier than thou types) and friends who would just do anything for you.

Interesting Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Then there are some who have loved ones who get a kick just by making life a bit of a hell. You might be one of those lucky recipients whose extended family and friends love them enough to find perfect memes just to make their special day extra special!

What are memes?

As internet memes have become common, let us know how they came into being. A meme is a concept or catchphrase that spreads across because it is generally based on mimicry or has a humorous undertone.

Spreading via the internet through social media sites like Facebook or Whatsapp, internet memes are usually in the form of a GIF, spoof videos or images. Sometimes, some meme catches the fancy of the public and become viral generating lots of hits on the particular webpage.

It is, therefore, no wonder that the trend has caught up and how! Coined in 1976, by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene”, the term meme has come a really long way.

People can’t get enough of memes from funny cats to ice bucket challenge to latest fads catching the fancy of the people. If they are replicated, then they have power, popularity as well as longevity. Now you can have a meme for anything under the sun.

It is, therefore, no wonder that people who really love you (best friends, childhood friends, and crazy cousins) would wish you with a classic meme on your birthday.

Classy Happy Birthday Memes

Funny Happy Birthday Meme

If you care about your family, love your friends to the core you simply have to go through this fabulous collection of Birthday Meme for WhatsApp and Facebook to choose one which is apt for you to embarrass and/or adequately express your feelings for the recipient! Funny birthday memes are a great way to wish.

Brother Birthday Memes

Normal is routine. Normal is boring. Period. This is just not the way to wish birthday to your best chum. Wishing them through one of the hilarious Happy Birthday Meme is a great way to spread a broad grin on their birthday which is going to last whenever they scroll through that message.

Funny Happy Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Brother Funny Meme

“It’s Your Birthday” is one of the most popular memes to wish your loved one a special birthday.

  • Age is one of the best-kept No one wants to tell their actual age but can’t resist posting about their birthday. It is actually a silly contest, but you do check out how many people remembered to wish you on your special day. The emotion is the same for almost everyone. Hence a meme related to your friend’s age is quite appropriate if they get really antsy about being reminded of their age.

Happy Birthday Meme For Her

  • Who could ignore a cute cat meme? Cats have made the whole meme thing gain another dimension. Anything and everything from office to politics to heartbreak has memes with cats, so how could birthday wishes remain behind. For someone who always finds mistakes in anything you do or the eternal cat hater, nothing could be more irritating than a cat meme for their birthday. The look on their face is going to be priceless. Be sure you are there when they see your message though!

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

  • Every one of us has a friend or cousin who thinks they are a blessing to the universe. For all those self-obsessed friends ever, who proclaim a countdown really long before their birthday is due, keep calm memes or stop scrolling memes are totally apt.

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

  • Babies have been used for various memes and how! You will be spoiled for choices going through Happy Birthday Meme featuring From funny to cute to outright hilarious, there is no dearth of good memes featuring kids. Choose one that aptly describes the birthday boy/girl.

inPixio’s meme generator is 100% free to use. This meme maker has built-in templates unlike other online meme generators.

Happy Birthday Brother Meme

Happy Birthday Sister Memes

  • Sarcasm is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have a friend who loves the ‘burn’ kind of wishes and totally understands your way of either reminding them of their mistake or giving them a taste of their own medicine, there are a number of sarcastic Happy Birthday Meme to choose from.

Happy Birthday Best Friend Meme

  • Birthdays are strange in a way. You are celebrating growing old despite the fact that people don’t actually look forward to growing older. A number of memes are available that aptly describe this contradictory way of celebrating the addition of years in our lives; getting closer to death as suitably put in some memes!

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

Happy Birthday Girl Meme

  • How can the list be complete without the quintessential drinking meme? Partying hard like there is no tomorrow is the way to party. If you have a friend who lives to live their life largely, there is no other way to wish them except a drunk animal birthday meme. You will be having a tough time trying to choose one that describes your friend appropriately.

Happy Birthday Meme For Her

Sexy Happy Birthday Meme

  • Funny close up shots of animals, grinning like there is no tomorrow is so funny that you just can’t ignore them. Using them to wish your bestie a birthday on social media site will make them wonder what they have ever done to deserve that!

Happy Birthday Memes For Him

  • Celebrity wishes on your birthday is something is going to make the day of birthday boy/girl. Choose from a wide range of celebrity wishes, choosing one that is your friend’s favorite. From simple wishes to funny ones, there is a wide variety for you to choose from.

Happy Birthday Old Man Meme

  • How can you forget asking for a party from the birthday boy/girl while wishing them? From asking for a party to demanding one, you can choose a Happy Birthday Meme which suits your relationship with the celebrity of the day.

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