The Secret Tips to a Big Win In Online Rummy

The online rummy in India is one of the easy to learn card games we have today. It is a game that does not take too long to finish. But it simply demands certain skills and tricks to gain a competitive edge over your opponents.

To win rummy, you need to apply few strategies, understand the rules of the game, and tricks to declare a game correctly. You must also know how to use jokers and form sets and sequences.

The foremost thing to understand is that, rummy is not a luck-based game, but one that requires a lot of skills and intellect. You need to have good observation and analytical skills.

Tricks to Win Rummy Tournaments

Though you cannot decide the kind of cards dealt to you, there is a way to utilize the cards available in hand expertly to defeat the opponent. The 13 card rummy game is thus widely played in the entire India, because it serves entertainment, mind-play, and an opportunity to win real cash.

Here are some of the secret tips to keep in mind that will lead you to a big win in the game.

1] Trick the Opponents

To make rummy game sophisticated and not easy for the rival to win, you have to play mind-tricks with the opponents. Misleading your opponent sin, a classic rummy is a great way to keep them confused and get the card you actually want from the discard pile.

Take the cards from the drawing pile and form a sequence. At the same time, make sure that the other player is not able understand which card you may need.

Furthermore, you can confuse them by discarding a related card of the sequence/set you formed, but one which you do not require.

Do it only when you have more than 3 cards of the same suit or face value. This will confuse your opponent when playing card games as to which sequence/set you could have formed.

2] Take the Joker Seriously

A joker is a part of the cards that you play with. Yes, playing with a joker in the rummy is a regular practice. When you play rummy online, do try to retain the joker. This card can help you complete the sequence/set.

A joker can be combined with the top low value cards. It also enables you to reduce the number of points in your hand. And this is why, pro-players advice, never take the joker as a joke.

3] Take Informed Decisions

Playing decisively means it should not be easy for the other players to know your moves. Just like you have been watching your opponents play closely free card games, they too have been watching you. Now, what cards you discard will apparently be known by the other players.

This will, in fact, help them track what cards you have been keeping. Think wisely, when you decide to pick any card from the discard pile. Similarly, decide what you must throw and when from your end, after studying the game-play in your mind.

4] Do Observe Every Move

You must have a sharp observation skill to keep a watch on the opponents. No matter if you are playing with a single player or many in an online rummy circle, you should be aware of all the cards being left behind.

Visualise, create a sequence in mind and try to memorise what other players have been trying to do. It will help you identify the sequence that the other players are making and play the game more safely.

Do keep the above-given tips in mind when playing rummy. You are sure to make the winning move soon. Find the rummy game free download options and start enjoying playing cards today.

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