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Top 10 Largest Automobile Companies in USA 2023

The United States is home to a wide range of manufacturing businesses. Among other industries, the automobile industry has seen incredible growth.

Automobile Companies in USA – List of Top Automobile Companies in USA

Automobile Companies in USA

According to revenue projections, the market for the vehicle sector will grow at a rate of 7.22% CAGR and is expected to reach $104.1 billion in 2023. Due to the magnitude of the industry, ranking the top automobile brands in the US is a significant challenge, if not a tough job!

Because America is the most popular and ‘desired’ place for top luxury car manufacturers globally, picking the best automobile brand requires significant research. Every American desire an automobile for its comfort, quickness, luxury, and agility. This article will give you a list of the top 10 largest automobile companies based in the US.


American energy and vehicle firm Tesla is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Due to its emphasis on electric vehicles and forward-thinking business model, Tesla, which was founded in 2003 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, has grown to become one of the most famous companies worldwide.

Some of the world’s most cutting-edge electric vehicles are produced by Tesla. The Model S premium automobile, the Model X SUV, the Model 3 mid-size sedan, and the future Cybertruck pickup truck are all part of their current portfolio. These cars all run on electric motors and batteries, which are more affordable than conventional gasoline engines. Solar panels and home energy storage systems are also offered by Tesla.

General Motors

With its corporate headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, General Motors is one of the biggest automobile companies in the United States. William Crapo Durant established the business in 1908. Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC are just a few of the brands under which GM sells a variety of automobiles.

American automakers have enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years, with several of them becoming well-known brands. One such business, with a lengthy and famous past, is General Motors. In the history of autos, GM is responsible for numerous historical developments.

It was the first business to mass-produce an extremely reasonable car, to provide a thorough guarantee, and it was also the first to implement an assembly-line manufacturing method. GM has been pursuing innovation lately, with a special emphasis on autonomous and electric vehicles.


American automotive and transportation corporation Ford Motor Corporation is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford founded the business in 1903, and it has since grown to be one of the biggest automakers in the world, offering a variety of cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. Additionally, the business offers financial services via Ford Motor Credit Company.

From introducing the Model T in 1908 to using 3D printing for part prototyping, Ford has a long history of breaking new ground in the automotive industry. Ford is still pursuing sustainability and innovation today, investing in EV and driverless vehicle technology as well as creating new engines and materials that boost efficiency and lower emissions.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Aichi, Japan is home to Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese automobile manufacturer. Kiichiro Toyoda launched the business in 1937. With its brands Toyota, Lexus, and Daihatsu, one of the biggest automakers in the world, Toyota offers a variety of automobiles.

Toyota Motor Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation and one of the biggest automakers in the world, generated approximately $265 billion in revenue in 2017. The corporation operates plants in more than 30 countries and employs over 333,000 people worldwide.

Although Toyota is best known for its cars, it also makes commercial vehicles, engines, and a variety of other things. Some of these things include satellites, robotics, and venture capital. Toyota has focused in recent years on self-driving cars and eco-friendly energy solutions.


Japan is the home of the international firm Honda. The Soichiro Honda Company, one of the top automakers in the world, was established in 1948 and makes a variety of products, including automobiles, motorbikes, aircraft, power tools, robots, and more. Honda has a presence all over the world and employs more than 190,000 people.

Since the company’s inception, innovation has been at its center, leading to ground-breaking developments in hybrid and electric vehicles, safety technology, fuel efficiency, and more. Honda has made an investment in renewable energy sources including solar and wind power as part of its commitment to environmental conservation. Honda has also set goals for lowering CO2 emissions and water usage.

Chrysler LLC

American car manufacturer Chrysler LLC is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Walter P. Chrysler established the business in 1925. Under the names of its brands Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram, Chrysler offers a variety of automobiles.

Chrysler employs about 62,000 people worldwide as of 2019. The company has a $8.4 billion market capitalization and reported $38 billion in revenue in 2018.

Chrysler’s lineup of minivans, sedans, and SUVs is among its most well-known products. The Pacifica, Voyager, and 300 are some of the brand’s best-selling models. The Crossfire and the Aspen are two of the new models that Chrysler has introduced in recent years. The brand has also brought back some of its iconic models, including the Dodge Charger and the PT Cruiser.


Since 1967, Hyundai, a South Korean automaker, has been making automobiles. With annual sales of more than 4 million vehicles, the firm has expanded to become the fifth-largest automaker in the world.

Excellent quality, dependability, and affordability are hallmarks of Hyundai automobiles. They currently offer sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks in their vehicle inventory. The business also manufactures high-end vehicles under the Genesis name.

Hyundai has made a name for itself as a technological innovator, concentrating on producing vehicles that are reliable, safe, and efficient. They have created a variety of driver assistance technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and blind-spot monitoring.


South Korean automaker Kia is a member of the Hyundai Motor Group. Since its founding in 1944, Kia has developed into one of the top automakers in the world, creating inventive, dependable, and fashionable vehicles. From fast hatchbacks and sedans to family-friendly vans, SUVs, and crossovers, Kia’s lineup of cars is made to suit a variety of demands and budgets.

Kia cars are renowned for being reasonably priced and for providing cutting-edge technology, performance, and safety features. As a technology innovator, Kia has also developed superior infotainment systems, eco-friendly powertrains, and autonomous driving.


Nissan is a global Japanese automaker with its headquarters in Yokohama. The 1933-founded business manufactures automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and vans for both domestic and foreign markets.

Nissan has a long history of invention, creating some of the most well-liked and cutting-edge automobiles available today. The business has made significant investments in electric and autonomous technologies in recent years, positioning them as leaders in the sector. In order to satisfy the needs of every consumer, Nissan also offers a wide range of crossovers, sedans, and sports vehicles.

Nissan features a number of legendary vehicles, including the Maxima, Murano, Rogue, 370Z, and GT-R.


In 1937, the German company Volkswagen was created. In 2020, it will produce more than 10.7 million automobiles and commercial vehicles, making it the largest automaker in the world. The Beetle, the Jetta, the Golf, the Passat, and the Tiguan are some of their most well-known vehicles. Germany’s Wolfsburg serves as the company’s corporate headquarters.

With its cutting-edge technology, including its sophisticated autonomous driving systems, Volkswagen has been at the forefront of technology and innovation. Volkswagen is renowned for its environmental programs, and it has made a commitment to decrease its carbon footprint by 25% by 2025.

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