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Top Benefits Of Cloud-Based CMMS

The benefits of the CMMS are known to all of us. The CMMS has revolutionised the entire maintenance industry and has enhanced their overall productivity.

However, every technology must evolve and become more dynamic with time. Thus, the modern-day maintenance teams need a cloud-based CMMS. Compared to the traditional CMMS, cloud-based CMMS is safer, faster, and cheaper.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based CMMS

Cloud-based CMMS is a modern concept that is gradually gaining a lot of popularity amongst businesses. Cloud-based software typically means software that is available on the internet and can be downloaded and installed on local computers and servers.

With excellent features like cheap data storage and the ease of access on smartphones and tablets.

What does CMMS Mean and how can Cloud-based CMMS help?

CMMS as we know refers to Computerised Maintenance Management System. The Cloud-based CMMS is an advanced version of the CMMS.

Here the system is hosted on the cloud by a third party, and the users can access it through the internet. This simply means that now maintenance software can be operated from anywhere through internet connectivity. The remote working feature is what makes it more acceptable in the modern-day business scenario.

The previous version of the on-premise CMMS was not flexible for the IT team, but this version is easier as the IT team can operate the software from anywhere.

What are the advantages of a Cloud-Based CMMS?

Cloud-based CMMS comes with a great number of advantages. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of a Cloud-based CMMS.

Quick Decision Making

With a Cloud-based CMMS, the physical dependency of the IT team is resolved. Now, employees can access the CMMS maintenance application from anywhere and at any time. This flexibility has provided real-time access to actual maintenance data.

Based on the available information, the teams can now take instant decisions that are accurate and more effective. With real-time access to the CMMS, work orders are rolled out on time and auto-notifications are sent to the relevant technicians, asking them for a prompt response. Flexibility and mobility are by far the best gifts of the CMMS system.

Real-time Equipment Monitoring

The Application Programming Interface allows managers to share real-time equipment data from the internet-connected machine sensors with the cloud-based CMMS. The information gathers from the sensors helps the CMMS to raise automated maintenance work orders for certain assets that require immediate attention.

This process helps in promoting the preventive maintenance strategy and achieving optimum OEE. The OEE Meaning is Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and Cloud-based CMMS helps in utilising the assets optimally.

24*7 System Availability

The Cloud-based CMMS vendors provide round the clock service. This means that the CMMS system is active throughout the day. Only during routine maintenances, the system becomes slow of temporarily out of service.

The all-time availability allows the maintenance managers to access data at any time of the day and plan out things even when they are at home. Staying connected with daily operations is critical to the overall success of an organisation.

Better Information Sharing

The API acts as a mediator which shares critical information between the cloud-based CMMS and the other existing software systems operating within the organization. This feature is known as Automatic Data Sharing, with this unique feature the risk of data duplication is eliminated.

Data Security

As all data gets automatically uploaded on the cloud, the task of managing the security of the data is the responsibility of the cloud CMMS vendors they take care of anti-virus updates, data protection and ensuring secure logins. With the experts handling your data security, you can rest in peace.

The Bottom line

Advancing with time is the wisest thing to do. Businesses too must upgrade themselves to stay ahead of the competition and lead the market with more profitability. Cloud-based CMMS is the perfect solution that will take care of your maintenance activity and take care of your assets.

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