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Android Parental Apps – Help Your Teen Uphold A Healthy Online Reputation!

Today’s teens are digital natives which means that have never known a world without technology and the internet. Electronics are a big component of the life of majority of teens. Although being tech-savvy has many advantages, yet feeling too much comfortable in the online world can land them straight into trouble. Your teen may post their very personal information or inapt content on their social media, ignorant of the fact that this much information posted can be misused by anyone.

Android Parental Controls Apps

Many teens don’t think about the possible outcomes of their digital footprints. And all it takes is one explicit/inapt picture, rude comment, or bland video to ruin their online image, which in turn will strongly affect their self esteem. Well, the good news is that you can take steps to help your teen maintain a good online image and one of them is android parental apps.

How Can You Help Them?

Teens may not fully understand the implications of heir action, but being their parents, you should teach them how to keep themselves safe- online and offline. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that they don’t damage their online reputation:

1. Talk To Them About Privacy Settings:

Talk to your teens about keeping their privacy settings high. Tell them that it’s important. Make them understand the risks attached to the information going public. Teach them how privacy settings can prevent problems, and can help them enjoy safe CyberLife.

2. Know Which Social Media Platforms They Use:

You should always be updated on the social media sites/apps your teens are using. Parental controls for Android like FamilyTime can be a great help here.

FamilyTime - Android Parental App

FamilyTime – Android Parental App

This app not only lets you monitor your teen’s web-history and app installed, but also give you the control to block any app you want. Don’t delay any further and download this app from your Google Play Store, or from the button below:


This app lets you:

  • View your teens’ web-history and bookmarks.
  • View the complete list of apps installed on their phone.
  • Blacklist any app you find inapt.
  • View app usage frequency to see the time spent on each app.

This app not only lets you do this, but much more, all from a single Dashboard. Also, learn about the dangers of each app your teen is using and teach him/her teen about the likely dangers of each of them.

3. Tell Them Not To Be Another Sheep In The Flock:

Trends on social media like, cyber bullying, political views and impolite behavior tend to spread like wildfire. Teach your teens to avoid joining such trends which can damage their online persona.

Best Parental Control Softwares

Ask Them To Spread Positivity!

Encourage your teen to use and spread the positive content, create positive videos, share inspirational messages and fun pictures. Along with communication, make sure they are on the same track by monitoring their online life with Android parental apps. A healthy online reputation means a healthy self-esteem!

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  • “hi” “Great”This application not just gives you a chance to screen your high schooler’s web-history and application introduced, additionally give you the control to piece any application you need. Try not to defer any further and download this application from your Google Play Store, or from the catch underneath.

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  • Agree. Internet has both negative and positive things. And here parents have to take responsibility to suggest good social platform to their kids.

  • My guardians never had one, however I will have one when I have children. Much thanks to you for yout this post

  • @Harshil Barot

    I am agree with you that spread positivity. My guardian always told me that to spread positivity..


  • Yes privacy is important!!! My parents never had one, but I will have one when I have kids. Thank you for your article.